Well, this isn’t Going to Help Me

I specifically signed up for a race this Saturday in the hopes of placing in my age group or maybe even PRing (even though I haven’t done any speed training). It’s a small race and even if I don’t PR, based on the results from last year, I may be able to finish toward the top of the 35-39ers.

This is most definitely the wrong reason to sign up for a race. And I think nature is trying to teach me lesson.

Last week, I got a sore throat. It wasn’t horrible, and I continued to run and go to work, etc. I didn’t feel bad, I just couldn’t swallow normally. It lasted several days. Then on Sunday night, I coughed all night long, and continued to hack up a lung on Monday. Last night was a cough-fest, too, and today I just feel plain sick. Like with congestion, tight lungs, ear aches, dizziness.

I haven’t run since last week sometime. I don’t know if I’m going to feel well enough to run the rest of this week. I’ll be going to the race on Saturday, but not knowing how I will feel a few days from now, I’m pretty sure there won’t be any PRs or winning going on. I’ll have another chance next Saturday, but that’s a bigger race, so I doubt I can place.

Also I’m pretty sure I’m gaining weight due to my inability to resist Christmas cookies. So that’s also not helping.

I stayed home from work today because I didn’t want to be coughing all over everyone. I hate it when people go in to work all sick. Ew. Anyway, Karsen told me he would “take super good care” of me, but so far I’ve had console him twice after he hurt himself roughhousing with the dogs.

And that’s not helping.

8 thoughts on “Well, this isn’t Going to Help Me

    1. I’ll be there no matter what! And I’ll probably run too hard and start hacking up a lung. I’ll make sure to write my emergency contact info on my bib, though.

  1. I started with that nastiness on Thanksgiving and it took me over a week to feel normal again. But then I sprained my ankle on a hike, and now I would trade that for my cold if I could! Feel better soon and good luck on your races!

  2. We’ve had that stuff here too!! I hope you feel better soon and are able to run fast. Maybe it’s not the right reason to sign up for a race, but if I thought I could place, I’d register. For sure!
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