Metabolic Prime 12-Week Challenge Results: Week 6

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not terribly observant and that I say the word “dude” a lot. Both of these qualities are terrible in writers and detectives. Dude, that guy’s totally dead. Some crazed killer dude probably did it. We should probably figure out who that was, dude. That’s from my new Detective […]

Metabolic Prime 12-Week Challenge Results: Week 5

My Metabolic Prime results after Week 5 are super uneventful, guys! So now I need to do some more detective work because overall my Sleep Hunger Mood Energy and Cravings are all in check, but it doesn’t seem like the fat is coming off. I feel stronger, I have more energy, but the scale and […]

Metabolic Prime 12-Week Challenge Results: Week 4

You guys, I’m staying the course. The water is deep, cold and unforgiving…wait that’s for another blog. This fat loss thing is a journey. I’m late in posting this, but nothing too exciting happened last week as far as my Metabolic Prime Challenge results. Sheesh, it’s almost time to check in for Week 5 (which I’m not excited […]

Metabolic Prime 12-Week Challenge Update: Week 2 Results (Video)

Hi all! I did another vlog. I’m going to need to work on my vlog and voice skills (ie WHERE DO I LOOK?), but I enjoy doing them. And I brushed my hair first this time. Progress, people. In the video, I talk about: -My Week 2 results from the Metabolic Prime 12-Week Challenge. -Some important […]

I Lost Another Half of a Pound…Metabolic Prime Results Update

I think things are starting to change. My 3-month pregnant-looking belly might be shrinking. I am almost done with my first week of the challenge! The challenge, you say? A little catch-up: I “restarted” Metabolic Prime so I could participate in the 12-Week Metabolic Prime Challenge. It started Monday (March 7). I weighed myself Sunday and took the […]

2017 Kirkland Shamrock Run 5K Race Review

My husband, who is going to hate this blog post, used to—and quite honestly still does—make fun of my running. So, you can probably imagine my surprise when he, himself, began running this winter…and then told me he wanted to sign up for a 5K. Remember how you felt when you found out Donald Trump […]

7 Tricks for Running a Magical 5K

I have shocking news, you guys. Are you sitting down? Well, stand up. My husband has been running…and he is training for a 5K…race. For those of you who might not know, my husband has lost more than 60 pounds since this time last year by walking and by eating well. But he got to a point […]