It Was a Beautiful Day for Paddleboarding…

paddlebaordweather…if you’re an idiot.

Which luckily me and Chelsea are comfortable in our own idiocity because we totally rocked stand-up paddleboarding for the first time in rain and wind.

I was early to arrive at Marina Park in Kirkland. It is a small park with well-manicured grass behind the half-moon shaped pebble beach.

I parked across from it and stayed in my minivan, watching the rain pelt Lake Washington. A sleek, white Mercedes parked on my passenger side. A woman with magazine-cover makeup emerged, clutching her sun hat to her head to protect her silky blonde hair.

She and a man joined more beautiful people. I marveled at the women running on the toes of their wedges and spike heels down the pier to their cruise yacht. Okay, okay, I was waiting to see if anyone tripped.

The Northwest Paddle Surfers kid set up a tent for check in on the lawn finally. I made my way to the grass and stood under it in my flip flops, bike shorts, and a dry-fit jacket and hat.

“I was really hoping my boss would call and say I didn’t have to work today,” said the kid. He looked like he was probably on break from college.

“Sorry ’bout that,” I said.

“Looks like you guys are the only ones.”

By “ones,” he meant: Idiots who want to go stand-up paddleboarding in a rain storm.

Welcome to summer in the Northwest. Wait. No. Welcome to my luck. It hadn’t rained for 50 days before Friday.

I considered bailing on this adventure. I ran back to the van and checked my phone. “Be there in 5,” was the last text from Chels.

Damn. I guess we’re doing this thing then.

And we did. And we had fun…for a little bit.

Out in the choppy water of Lake Washington about 20 minutes into it, Chelsea says: “This would be a lot more fun if it was sunny.”

Really? Really, Chels? You think?! (She’s trying to steal my Captain Obvious title.)

Twenty-five minutes or so after that, we were seated inside The Slip with a couple of beers.

It was a beautiful day for fish and chips.

6 thoughts on “It Was a Beautiful Day for Paddleboarding…

    1. Yes! It was fun…just not for a long time in that weather. On a pretty day, it would be great!

    2. Hey! Yes, would definitely go again! Gilt Seattle actually has a deal going right now for the place by my house – I snatched that up as soon as I saw it! $20 for 2 hr rental. I believe the deal we got last week was 2 hr rental for 2 people for $20, but this way saves me at least $5 in bridge tolls, plus I can walk there!

  1. Love this! Being a native PNWer (that’s a word), I, however, would have bailed. You guys are rockstars. Think how easy it will be next time.

    I watched S and his friend learn to paddleboard in Hawaii in pristine conditions. It’s still hard.
    Kim @ (Just) Trying recently posted..July in ReviewMy Profile

  2. Oh man that sucks but what a great adventure and you girls are a little badA for paddleboarding in ran on Lake Wash!! Mmm fish and chips with warm clam chowder and a Mac N Jacks….totally want that right now.
    Kristie recently posted..10 Reasons to RunMy Profile

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