I’m Going to Nashville…with Abs

My 5K PR might have to wait. The thing is, I know how risky it is to train for distance and speed at the same time. But…

I got an opportunity to run the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville at the end of April with one of my BRFs! I’m super excited to run this race…especially with Zoë (Run, Zoë, Run).

I’ll be giving her some help with the Nuun booth at the expo, so if you’re going to be there, come say “Hi” to us.

The only thing is…I’m not in half marathon shape. I haven’t run over 5 miles (and that was in December) in a long time. So I need to build my endurance. I know (from research and from experience), that working on increasing miles and pace at the same time can lead to an injury.

So I’m going to have to lay off the speed for a bit. I hope I can anyway. See, I’m on a mission to get some abs–the kind I can see. To do that I’m lifting weights, but I’ve also been sprinting. I think as long as I keep my sprints short (and not do them on days I’m building mileage), and as long as continue to stretch well and foam roll (which I’ve been pretty religious about doing), I should be okay. Most of my ab work is being done in the kitchen anyway (with what I eat).

Ab inspiration – MMA fighter Meisha Tate

A word about the photo: This is just for inspiration. Something for me to work toward. I have always wanted a defined stomach. It’s a goal of mine. I will work toward it…in a healthy way. It’s like training for a Boston qualifying time, right? Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t, and so we keep trying.

I like Meisha’s abs, because they are defined, but not crazy ripped. And also, she looks strong and lean, but not skinny. I want to look like an athlete. When I was looking for an inspirational picture, I saw so many disgusting photos of super skinny women with crazy six packs, and with veins popping out and stuff. That’s just gross to me. It makes me wonder if they eat enough.

As long as we’re on the topic, I saw an article that interviewed Rachel from the Biggest Loser and she said she was working out six hours a day and eating 1,600 calories. That is crazy. Not healthy. I bet she severely damaged her metabolism. The only way to keep up what she has created is by continuing her unhealthy cycle: eat 1,600 and work out six hours. Ain’t nobody in the real world got time for that!

And who wants to look sickly skinny?

Biggest Loser Rachel

You cannot fuel six hours of exercise on 1,600 calories and still feel well–I don’t care how short you are (she’s reportedly 5’5″–that’s only 2.5 inches shorter than me…I don’t consider that petite). Ugh! I don’t know the whole story, so I don’t want to criticize her too much. But, from the pictures I’ve seen, and in my opinion, she does not look healthy. I realize she wanted to win the prize. I hope it was worth it.

Let me tell you about the time I was eating 1,100-1,200 calories a day and working out and running like a crazy person. It was a couple years ago. And guess what? My weight didn’t even budge: I stayed at a size 10. My body thought I was starving it. I couldn’t run very fast. I felt tired all the time; and I was super grumpy.  I did not look lean. I still looked 3 months pregnant. My metabolism was completely destroyed, I now know. It’s been such a learning process and I’m just now figuring it all out at 36 years old. So, maybe, Rachel will figure it out, too.

Aaaaanyway…my (original) point was that I may have to set my PR aside for a while. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll surprise myself at the Hot Chocolate 5K, which is coming up quick: March 2.

I really need to have goals, though. So here they are:

1. Build endurance

2. Build a defined mid-section

3. (After the half) Get my 5K PR

Some people do better living by the seat of their pants; I don’t. I need set goals, but I am flexible. I won’t lose my mind if I need to change my goals on the fly. What about you?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about Rachel’s body vs. Meisha’s (keeping in mind this is just one photo, one moment in time–nobody stays the same–bodies change).

What do you think about having an inspirational photo to work toward? (I’ve never done that before.)

3 thoughts on “I’m Going to Nashville…with Abs

  1. Training for the half now and the focus on the 5k is perfect! Creating the endurance for the half will help make you faster for the 5k as well. You will have so much fun in Nashville!!

    Rachel lost too much weight in to little time, no mater what people say, but it can’t be healthy. Not only am I worried about her body, but also about her mental health. How can somebody adjust their “thinking” from being very overweight to now skinny. It should be done slowly\, so body and mind can adjust to it. LOVE Meisha’s body!
    Christine recently posted..Ch-Ch-Changes – My Career and Life in GeneralMy Profile

  2. I’ve run the country music 1/2 for 3 years and just a forewarning, its HILLS galore. They did change the course this year, but considering its still covers different parts of downtown, it will be equally as hill. It’s one of the biggest 1/2s in the nation so there will be LOTS of people- make sure you give yourself AMPLE time in the morning. Good luck!
    Lisa J recently posted..Hot Chocolate 15k RecapMy Profile

    1. Thank you for the warning! I’ve heard about the hills. I think me and Zoe will be taking our time and enjoying ourselves, so it should just be fun! We’ll be on our feet for two days prior to the race, so…

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