Metabolic Prime 12-Week Challenge Results: Week 10 and 11

Week 11 of Metabolic Prime is over, so I took some pictures of my progress today. I was sort of dreading them because I had a rough couple of weeks (Week 10 especially), and my Week 10 pictures showed it. Here is Week 10:

Metabolic Prime Week 10 and 11 Update
Week 10

Week 11 seemed like it was going to be a continuation of Week 10, but toward the end of the week, I started to feel better. And I was pleased with my Week 11 pictures today.

Metabolic Prime Week 10 and 11 Progress
Week 11

Next week, I’ll put my Week 1 and Week 12 pictures together. 🙂

I officially weighed myself on Friday since I thought I wasn’t going to be home. I was up a pound, but we ended up coming home early, and I weighed myself this morning again, just to see: down a pound. LOL.

I also took measurements on Friday. I’d lost a a couple half inches here and there, or stayed the same. Same goes for Week 10.

Before I was done taking pics today, I decided to take a couple flexing pics. You can see them on my Facebook page. I was so pleasantly surprised. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this challenge. I tend to get bored, and I didn’t get bored. I think I liked that every three weeks, the workouts changed.

But, I gotta say, the biggest thing I learned is that body composition is probably 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise, so if you’re just getting started, start in the kitchen! You can’t just exercise the fat off.

That’s all for tonight. Too much to do; just wanted to check in! Hope you had a fun weekend and now…the week begins.

What I Believe About Being a Runner

What I Believe About Being a Runner

Did you know you can be any kind of runner you want to be at any moment in time?

It’s pretty wild.

Being a runner doesn’t mean you only do 5k races or ultramarathons. You don’t have to choose trails over asphalt. You don’t have to be a sprinter or a distance runner.

You can just be a runner and leave it at that.

Because there are going to be times when you don’t feel like hitting the track. And, there will be times you don’t feel like doing a 3-hour long run on a Sunday (can I get a “hell yes”?).

In the past, I’ve felt like I had to choose. Like I had to pick one camp.

But sometimes the other camp sounded more fun. They were laughing. They had a campfire with s’mores and everything! But I wanted to stay loyal to my camp even though we only had a loaf of bread because a bear had ripped open our cabinet and stolen our chocolate and marshmallows in the night (a true story from high school cross country camp; go Vikings!).

But, guess what? This is a free country! Or, it will be for a few more months anyway. Let’s not take advantage of that. Let’s not make up fake rules about what we can and cannot do–especially about running!

I don’t know about you, but a big reason I love to run is the freedom of it! For the love! Let’s not get trapped by the very activity that makes us feel like Maria twirling in the Alps!

Exclamation points!

Right now, I’m the kind of runner who hits the treadmill for sprints and totally skips her long runs. What about you?

My Fantasy


I have this fantasy.

Don’t worry, it’s not something you would read in a nudie magazine or anything. No, it’s not even publishable actually. Not because it’s too racy. Simply because it’s too stupid.

My fantasy takes place via email.

I’m sitting at a shabby chic desk with my laptop open. Oh, by the way, I’m wearing a stylish blazer and a pair of ripped jeans. Think Liz Lemon, the star of many a fantasy.


I’m writing something hilarious and laughing at my spectacular sense of humor. Think Jim Carrey’s fantasy sequence in Dumb and Dumber.


Why are my fantasies so unsophisticated?

Anyway, as I’m writing an email comes in. It’s a big publisher and they want to give me a book contract! They read my blog! There’s an advance and everything!

And then I wake up and check my email: five new coupons at Gymboree and some creeper I don’t know who wants to be my friend on Goodreads.


If a fantasy is something that you want to actually happen, then that must mean I want to write a book? Why am I waiting around for some fake person to give me permission to write it? I don’t need to publisher. Not in the age of Amazon.

It occurs to me that writing and running are a lot alike.

I also have an ultramarathon fantasy where I actually run one…and win. (Can’t you just let me have this?)

The thing is, and sorry to break this to you, but you can’t just magically have a book appear on your computer or cross the finish line of an ultra.





On second thought, maybe I’ll just watch some 30 Rock.


PS: I just started reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I hope I learn many card tricks!

Other books to check out:

I Know How to Get Lean, but Why?

Do you know why you want to get lean?
Not me, but…someday.

The most annoying thing in the world is when your husband is right.

Am I right?! (Let me answer that: Yes.)

Ugh. What’s even worse is when my husband is right about something that has to do with ME. I mean, who does he think he is talking sense and stuff? The nerve!

Last night, we were talking about our health and fitness goals. He’s been kicking some butt being more mindful about his nutrition and moving more, and he’s making steady progress. I’m super proud of him, but…I still don’t want him to be right.

So we were chatting and I was whining about figuring out my nutrition: Why is it so hard? Why can’t my HEC (Hunger, Energy and Cravings) just be in check all the time?

(By the way, I just want to say a special thanks to my period for throwing everything off and totally messing with me. So great! I love being a girl!)

Anyway, my husband asked me why I wanted to get lean anyway. I gave him my standard answer: to get lighter and faster for running.

You know how sometimes you say something out loud and it doesn’t quite sound right? In your head, it’s totally fine. Makes total sense. But out loud…it sounds a little…off?

That’s what happened when I gave my answer. And, because my husband, annoyingly pays attention to stuff (and reads this blog–hi, hon), he then said: But you aren’t really running anymore.

Um, yeah. Okay. Good point. Touché.

I then stumbled through a few explanations about why I wanted to get lean and gain muscle, and none of them sounded super great. In fact, I’m too embarrassed to even write them down here because most of them had to do with aesthetics and my own insecurities and vanity.

The point is, he was freaking right! See? So annoying!

My “why” for getting healthy and fit is that I want to age well. I want to be healthy and strong as I get older. I want to be in good health so I can enjoy life for a long time.

But my “why” for getting lean isn’t clear. So, I will be working on figuring that out in some future posts.

I gotta get this right.

PS: Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing to win a free entry in the Snoqualmie Valley Run. The winner is: Kim! If you didn’t win, remember you can use the code MOMVSMARATHON to save 10% on your entry fee. Orca Running is also having a deal right now where you can save $20 if you sign up for the SVR and the Iron Horse Half by 5/26/16, so check that out here.

I Had Fries for Dinner…Whatever!


My husband and I celebrated our 14-year anniversary this weekend. It was actually 11 days ago, but it was on a Wednesday. Our son went to his grandparents this weekend, so we partied.

First, we went to a fancy dinner on Friday with fancy drinks and a fancy dessert. We stayed up too late. I got up (a little later than usual) and worked out on Saturday because I’d postponed my Metabolic Prime workout due to soreness and *ahem* girl problems.


It was a little rough, but I survived.

Then, my husband planned a fun day in the city on Saturday: lunch, a chocolate factory tour and a baseball game!

We went to this really cool Belgium pub for lunch where I was pretty sure that we were not technically cool enough to be there (it was crawling with Millennials). I had short ribs that came on a pile of fries (poutine) with a small chocolate orange stout (excellent!).

We had some time to kill before the chocolate tour and we walked around (to try to walk off some of our lunch), but unfortunately it started raining a little so it wasn’t quite as nice as it could have been. Mostly I was upset that I’d spent a good 30 minutes drying and straightening my hair that morning and now it was frizzy and huge. But guess what? We had to wear hair nets for the tour, so…

I tried to teach him to do Blue Steel. I laughed so hard at this picture.

We ate probably an entire chocolate bar before and during the tour sampling EVERYTHING.

After the tour we drove to the stadium to look for parking and it was sparse…unless you wanted to pay $30. To park! Being cheap, and also not caring if we needed to walk more, we parked probably a good mile++ away from the stadium–in a very sketchy area, I might add–and walked.

We were still so full during the night baseball game that we just ended up having beers and sharing fries for dinner. And then we walk/jogged back to the car after the Mariners BLEW IT in the 9th. But I digress…

Here’s the deal: I weighed myself this morning. But I did so without judgment. So I’m not upset that I am 2.5 pounds more than I was on Friday. We had fun. This is not normally something we do. Thank goodness because we didn’t feel so great after eating and drinking so much.

I wouldn’t change a thing from this weekend. It was truly memorable.



How I’m Dealing with Finding My Stupid Passion

Finding My Stupid Passion

Do you ever have times, days, weeks, months (years!), where you feel like you are just totally and completely lost in one area of your life?

You’ve been driving along just fine for a while, but then you don’t recognize any landmarks anymore and you wonder if you are even heading in the right direction. Like those people who follow Google maps to the wrong city. So you stop and get out to ask for directions (no cell service out here, people), and then when you get back to the car, you discover you’ve lost your keys. By the time you find them, you forget where you were supposed to turn and you’re too embarrassed to go back in the gas station and ask.

Anyone? Anyone else? Hello?!

This is a constant cycle for me and my career. I’m fine for a while, cruisin’ along, then I start to question if I’m on the right road.

Was I supposed to turn left back there?

It’s actually a horrible thing. I get anxious and I panic. 

Wait what street should I be on? Should I do go this way? Should I go that way? Should I go here? Or there? If I this way, will I miss out on that? Why am I not going there? Am I afraid? I don’t feel afraid, but maybe I can’t tell. Why can’t I tell? What do I even want? How come I can’t figure it out? Where am I?

My brain just spins in a rinse-cycle of anxiety until I have to do something distract it—read, exercise, drink a bunch of wine (don’t worry, I’m not in the car metaphor anymore, guys).

I’ve done a lot of reading on “finding my passion,” “finding my calling,” “finding my keys,” etc.

The most useful thing that I’ve learned is that nobody knows where my keys are, and also basically nobody really knows what their passion is…at least, not right from the start. You just have to choose a direction and go with it. Choose a road you like and and just enjoy the hell out of it. After a while, you reevaluate. Did the scenery go from shores to stores? Decide if you want to change that or stay and shop. (Of course, shopping is always the answer.)

It’s really about being mindful. Ugh, I know. Mindful is such a huge buzzword right now, but one that’s actually really good. When the anxiousness starts, I try to remind myself to be present. Be in the moment. Appreciate it. Focus on it. Keep your eyes on the road in front of you.

I’ve realized that I get into the nasty anxiety cycle when I’m thinking too far ahead of myself. Squinting, trying to see what’s down the road. But you can’t really see more than a quarter of a mile, can you? So who knows what’s around the curve. It doesn’t really matter. I need to remember to look at what is in front of me right at this moment. How can I appreciate it, cultivate it, make it better?

This is why I am rededicating myself to this space. I love health and fitness, and I love sharing what I learn as I learn it.

I have the goal of posting every day for a while. (But, please, don’t hold me to this because…life, you guys.) Some days I will write a lot. Some days it’ll be a little. No matter the length, I just hope it helps me find my way, which you know, is key.

More Reading on this Topic:

7 Tools to Overcome Your Self-Doubts by Jill Coleman (JillFit): “For me, I’ve always forced myself to just do it, stop waiting for the time to be right.”

You Probably Know to Ask Yourself, “What Do I Want?” Here’s a Way Better Question by Mark Manson: “A more interesting question, a question that perhaps you’ve never considered before, is what pain do you want in your life? What are you willing to struggle for? Because that seems to be a greater determinant of how our lives turn out.”

The Key to Dying Happy from by Leo Babauta (Zen Habits): “If you want to live a life of purpose, here’s a method for doing so.”