Losing Fat to Run Easier (Plus What I’ve Been Up To)

People talk a lot about weight loss, but fat loss is where it’s at, people.

Weight loss doesn’t take muscle into account. So, you could be losing weight, but losing muscle instead of fat. I don’t want to lose muscle! I want the fat layer around my stomach gone because running with an innertube around your waist is cumbersome.

Fat Loss for Running | Mom vs. Marathon
After my long run on Sunday.

I admit, I fell off of the fat loss wagon a while ago (ahem, Christmas). I continued to run alongside the wagon, so luckily I didn’t stray too far off track, but it’s time to hop on and get rolling once again.

I think you can’t be on the fat loss wagon if you’re not mentally prepared to be on it, really. You have to be committed before you try to jump on. If you half-jump, you’ll miss. And that’s okay. Just try again when you’re ready.

Doing some fat loss research can help you get ready to make the jump. I started re-reading one of my favorite books on fat loss, The Metabolic Effect Diet (not a diet, BTW). That gave me a big boost. Then, I was in the library, browsing the running books. I had heard about Margaret Webb’s book Older, Faster, Stronger on a podcast, and when I saw it in the library, I checked it out.

In Webb’s book, she shares her journey to a “super-fit year.” Essentially, she took a year to try to get as fit at 50 as she was when she was in her 20s. She also shares advice from experts on everything from improving V02 max to nutrition and more. While I’m not over 50, the tips really work for any age.

Anyway, she, too, was having some trouble with her nutrition. She was eating healthy, but still gaining fat or just staying the same. She made some adjustments after speaking with a nutritionist; essentially the same changes I’m making: more protein and vegetables, cut or reduce dairy, get carbs from vegetable sources.

(I made like 6 sweet potatoes on Monday, so I always have some good carbs ready. I put the oven on 400 degrees, spray the potatoes with some olive oil and then put them in for about an hour or until they start leaking their sugar–caramelizing. So good!)

But Webb also had this little tip that I am totally stealing: When tempted by pizza or other junk foods, she asked herself if she wanted to carry that food with her for 26.2 miles.

This has already helped me. There is a particular tempting chocolate candy in my desk drawer at work. But, by asking myself how eating it will help or hurt me in the marathon, I’ve been able to completely resist any temptation to eat it. I don’t even care about it. It’s not even calling my name. I may even throw it away! #junkfoodrebel

The other thing that’s helping me, is taking pictures of all my food for a week. I have been logging my food by photographing it for the past two days, so far. It has helped keep me mindful. It also made me realize that I had eaten processed grains yesterday when I thought I hadn’t!

Nutrition Adjustments

This week, my focus is on nutrition. (Last week, was sleep. Read on for that.) I am cutting out dairy and changing my carbohydrate sources.

Luckily, I’ve been a “diet detective” in the past and I know that eliminating dairy will help me. My husband got a machine that I affectionately call the Coffee Ferrari. It makes lattes. Lattes are delish. I don’t even need to sweeten them. (I’m a freak who likes black coffee.) But dairy and me do not mix so well.

There was a time in college where I couldn’t even drink milk because it made my stomach so upset. I know I’m sensitive to it. So why do I keep eating (drinking) it? Out with dairy.

The other adjustment I am making is where I get my carbs from. I know how things like toast, pizza, chips, etc. affect me, yet I was justifying them as my “carb.” I was often binge-eating chips after work because even though I told myself to have just a few, I couldn’t stop.

We all need carbs, but I need to get my carbs from whole unprocessed vegetable and fruit sources, such as sweet potatoes, apples and strawberries. Even the Ezekial bread (toast) I had Monday needs to be cut out if I want to be my optimal self for running this year.

And that’s where the question from Margaret’s book comes in. Do I want to run a marathon carrying a Reese’s peanut butter tree around my waist? No.

That’s not to say that I will be perfect with my nutrition 100 percent of the time. I know there will be times when I decide I do want a bit of junky chocolate candy. I will just be making more of a conscious decision about eating it instead of mindlessly putting it into my mouth.

If you’re interested about what sort of nutrition advice has helped me, check out the tips from Precision Nutrition. Their sensible, easy-to-follow, advice on nutrition has changed how I eat for the better. The Metabolic Effect Diet is also great, as I’ve mentioned.

Other people I look to for fat loss advice include Jill Coleman and Neghar Fonooni.


I started this whole fat loss wagon thing with sleep. I began last week by making getting to bed by 10 with lights out by 10:30 a habit. I’m still in the process of making it a habit, and although some nights I’m in bed at more like 10:15 or 10:20, it’s still earlier than what I was doing. The goal is still 10. That gives me 30 minutes to read a book and relax. Sometime I take a melatonin tablet if I can feel I’m still too wired.

I need at least 7 hours. Seven and a half hours is perfect. I usually get up at 6 or 6:30. This week, I feel like I need more sleep, but I think that’s because of “girl stuff” starting soon.

Taking Measurements

I also started measuring myself on May 11. I hadn’t weighed myself in a while. I was up to 159. I only lost half a pound as I was 158.4 on Monday. Not really a huge deal considering I have been doing heavy weight training for quite some time, so some of that weight is muscle. For me, the biggest indicator of how I am doing is my belly.

When my belly circumference is bigger than my chest, it really bothers me. (It’s so not fair! I got so ripped off in the chest department!) Anyway, they’re exactly the same right now. Boo. And the measurement did not change between May 11 and May 18.

Marathon Training

I’m still unsure about any training adjustments. I took Saturday off because I was really exhausted from the week of training and I walked instead. I did a 5K with the dogs. I don’t think my running needs any adjustment, but I may swap out a couple of foundation runs per week for biking since those runs are more for cardio fitness. Take some stress off the ol’ legs.

I am still deciding what I want to do for my lifting workouts, though. The next phase of the plan I’m on includes a lot of unconventional movements (medicine balls slams, for example) that I don’t know that I can do at my small gym.

I might be in the market for a runner-focused heavy lifting plan to do twice a week, while continuing my Metabolic Effect circuits 2-3x a week. Anybody got one to recommend?

Here’s what I’ve been up to, training-wise, since Friday:

Friday: I can’t remember what I did Friday. I think I ran, but forgot to enter it in DailyMile. So it doesn’t exist.

Saturday: I remember Saturday because I didn’t do jack. I was supposed to do a foundation run. But I was feeling so tired, I decided to just take the day off. I’m trying to listen to my body and I just felt wiped. I needed to sleep in. I needed to recover a little.

Instead, on Saturday, I did a lot of walking. First, I went in the morning before my son’s flag football game. I only had about 20 minutes or so, but it was a nice relaxing walk with a cup of coffee. I just had to dodge the crazy amount of slugs crossing the sidewalk. It was just over half a mile. Then, later in the day, I took both Bennie and Lucy for walks, which ended up being a 5K.

Sunday: Sunday was my long run. I thought I did everything right. I went early; I ate about an hour before (a protein shake made by me). The only thing was maybe I was a little dehydrated. I took Nuun with me just in case. It was overcast and cool enough for a cool long-sleeve shirt and capris.

About a mile into the run, though, my stomach took a turn for the worse. And it was touch-and-go the rest of the way. I didn’t need to use the bushes or anything, but the ickiness came in waves. I slowed down so I was on the slow end of my pace. Even if I had to go even slower, I just kept going. Just keep moving forward, I thought. Even if I had to walk.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have to walk, though. In fact, I ran the entire way up this monster hill that I usually have to walk up. That was nice.

I did 6.35 miles in about 1:12.

Monday: Monday is a recovery day with no running. But I usually do a weights workout on Monday. I think I forgot to write Monday down in DailyMile again, so I can’t remember. I think I did my heavy weights workout…

Tuesday: Tuesday, I remember. I got up in time to go run, but I lacked the motivation. For some reason, I just don’t care to run outside early in the morning by myself. A little later in the morning is fine, but before about 8 a.m., I just don’t want to. So I did my Metabolic Effect circuits instead:

Made it 5 rounds with 12# dumbbells: 12 squat with a row, 12 chest press/crunch, 12 squat with curls and 12 squat with side raises.

I ran after work and I’m so glad I waited. I felt great! I did my fast finish run, but I was running about 5 minutes behind (had to be at the bus stop at a certain time), so I cut 5 minutes out of the middle of my run. I did: 2.96 miles in 30 minutes. 5 minutes slow, 15 minutes easy, 10 minutes at tempo pace.

And I totally saw two snakes on the trail. I’ve never seen a snake in the six years I’ve been running on the trail. Crazy!

Afterward, I did my build a better butt workout: 3×12 goblet squats with a 15 pound dumbbell, 3×15 back extensions on my Swiss ball, 3×12 glute bridges with two 10-pound dumbbells on my hips. Only took about 10 minutes.

And THEN, I went to yoga. Man, I really love going to yoga.

Snake on the trail
Snakes. I hate snakes.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, I started the new phase in my Get Stronger Faster program. I’m on week five. Here’s what I did:
1. Kettle bell jump squats 6×6 with 26.4#s
2a. Bodyweight skater squats 5×6/6
2b. 1-arm kettle bell strict press 3×6/6 with 18# and 1×4/4 with 26.4#s
3a. Bodyweight sprawling mountain climbers 3×8
3b. Kettle bell Russian twists 3×8/8

I had to stop at 3 rounds to get home in time for my son’s bus. Later, I did my foundation run on the bike trainer. Went 5 miles in 30 minutes.

Thursday: Finally, we’re caught up to today! I had a foundation run scheduled for today, but since I’m going for my long run on Saturday, I swapped it with the speed work and did speed work today.

I did 2.25 miles in 25 minutes: I was able to do the 5 minutes slow, 5 minutes easy and the 5x(1 minute at 5K pace, 2 minutes slow). I was not able to do the last slow 5 minutes because I had to get to the bus stop. Happy with how it went.

And I was able to get to yoga again! Yay!

Tomorrow, I have strength again and I’m excited for some new workouts.

What do you do for strength training? What time do you go to bed? Did you make it through this really long blog post?

(Sorry for the massive post, but I had some technical difficulties earlier in the week and this is the first time I can post anything!)

Why I Have a Running Rival

Why I Have a Running Rival

I have a “runemy.” She’s shorter, she’s lighter and she has more running talent than me.

She also is a total jerk. Talks crap about me all. the. time. Says I’m too fat, too slow and too old to beat her. And we’re in the same age group!

I don’t like her. And I’m going to kick her ass. Because I will work harder than she will. I will work smarter. And I will beat her.

Click image for source.


She’s my race rival. A “runemy,” I call her. But she’s not real. She only exists in my mind.

It seems sort of silly when I write it down here, but without her, I would most likely sleep in a lot. She keeps me going…knowing she’s out there talking shit.

Do you have a “runemy”? f you don’t, I suggest you get one. If only to have when you need a little extra motivation. Make one up. Can you give her a face and a name?

Mine’s name jerk face. And her face looks like a jerk.

She helped me get my run done this morning, though. I had a speed play run and guess what?

NAILED IT…except I was supposed to do it tomorrow, not today. Oh well.

I did 5 min at slow pace, 5 min at easy pace and then 3x(2 min at a 5Kish pace, 2 min at slow pace), then 5 min at slow pace again.

I was really supposed to do a foundation run today. Guess that’ll be tomorrow.

Afterward, I took the dog for a 15 minute walk. I noticed that I get very impatient immediately after a run lately. Not sure what that’s all about. The walk helped mellow me out, and I had a nice morning getting my son ready for school, and getting me ready for work.

After work, I came home and busted out a Metabolic Effect circuit. Made it 5.75 rounds in 20 minutes with 12-pound dumbbells:

12 squats with rows

12 chest presses with a crunch

12 squats with curls

12 squats with side arm raises

Today, I was listening to Jill Coleman on The Fitcast podcast, and someone asked about metabolic circuits and strength training and she said you need both. So I don’t have to stop lifting heavy! My regular lifting workouts will be my strength base and the ME circuits will be like the icing on the cake.

Someone sent in a question for that episode that sounded like it could’ve been me. It went sort of like this: I’ve been wanting to train for another marathon, but I’ve worked hard to get lean. Can I keep a leaner physique while training for a marathon?

I mean…did I write that and forget that I sent it in?

Jill basically said yes, but that it’s harder to keep your nutrition in check when you run more. Hashtag: runger.

After my son got home this afternoon, he went to a friend’s house to play badminton. It was gorgeous outside, so I went for a walk…but forgot my sunglasses.


Do you ever walk?

Are you going to try having a running rival?

Treadmill Running for Everyone

Lululemon Run Times Shorts Mini Review and Treadmill Running

ICYMI Michael Wardian broke the treadmill 50K record with a 2:59:49. NBD. Just a 5:47 pace for 31 miles.

I’m thinking of going for the slowest 50K on a treadmill record.

All kidding aside, the treadmill isn’t just for us lowly runners. Elites run on treadmills, too! What ‘mills do they use? Because pieces would probably start falling off of mine if I got lower than a 6-minute mile.

Today’s workout was strength plus a foundation run. I did strength and some de-stressing walking before work at the gym.

Here was my strength workout:

1. Barbell push press: 6 with 45#s, 3×6 with 55#s

2a. Suspension trainer inverted row: 10, 9, 8

2b. Suspension trainer face pull: 10, 9, 8 (I just couldn’t manage these pulls and inverted rows today)

3a. Kettlebell farmer walk with 26.4# each : 4x~40yards

3b. Bicep curls w/ 12#s: 4×10

Working out was slightly awkward as the trainer I sometimes check in with at the gym was working out right next to me. I tried to leave her alone, but mostly I wanted to ask her, Am I doing this right?

Afterward, I walked easy for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

After work, back to treadmill! I wore my new Lululemon Run Times shorts. They are a couple inches longer than the Speed Shorts. Even though my thunder thighs eat the Run Times shorts while I run, I like them. I tried on a bunch of shorts at a Lulu store recently and these seemed to fit me best. I like the Speed shorts, too, but they. are. so. short. I feel a little exposed in them.

But I can understand why people like them…and I mean, if your thighs eat your shorts anyway, what’s the difference? I may consider some and anyone who wants to gawk at my veiny, dimpled thighs…well, that can be their problem.

Treadmill Running for Everyone
My pale, pale thighs in shorts!
Anyway, my run was just a foundation run, which means slow, slow, slow:

5 minutes at slow pace

20 minutes at easy pace

5 minutes at slow pace

I did 12:00, 11:05, 12:00. I had a short break before my last 5 minutes to go get my son at the bus stop.

After finishing up, I did the quick glute workout (Build a Stronger Butt) you can find in my Pinterest Running folder.

I did:

3×10 (each leg) one-legged squats with 12# dumbbells

3×10 (each leg) one-legged deadlifts with 12# dumbbells

3×15 (each leg) banded clam shells

I’m sure I will feel this tomorrow. I have some “faster” running to do tomorrow. I hope to not do it on a treadmill.

How often do you run on a treadmill?

What is your favorite pair of running shorts?

Why One Run Shouldn't Define Your Training

Why We Shouldn’t Let One Run Define Our Training

How was your run today? Did you feel light as a feather? Or did you feel like me, a bear that got shot with a tranquilizer dart?

I even got 8 hours of sleep last night! Okay, those 222 squats yesterday afternoon are likely a big reason why other runners (that I never saw) out this rainy morning definitely nicknamed me “old lead legs.”

My first run of marathon training, a measly 25 minutes, and it felt so, soooo hard! I hate running!

Why One Run Shouldn't Define Your Training
(After the Seattle RnR Half 2013.)

On my run, though, I was listening to an older Runner Academy podcast with Tyler McCandless called “Running by Feel without a Watch and Thinking Long Term” about how to run stress-free. (Tyler is a top distance runner and part of Newton Running elite.)

Incidentally, I was checking my watch every 30 seconds because everything felt so hard, I had no freaking idea how I was running. When my slow pace feels tough, that tends to throw me off.

The most important thing is that I finished my run.

The second most important thing is that weird disgusting thing that I think was a slug dangling in a spiderweb hanging from a tree branch did not actually touch my face.

The third most important thing is that I didn’t stress about the run. Even though my fast finish pace was nowhere as easy as I thought it should be, which frustrated me at first.

It was difficult to let go of staying in my prescribed pace, but instead of just quitting or forcing what would totally feel like all-out sprinting, I just tried to run by effort instead. Don’t get me wrong, I still checked my watch obsessively. My pace was all over the map each time, too: 8:45, 10:20, 11:05, 9:20. (Supposed to be 9:20-9:45.)

The prescribed run, a Fast Finish in my 80/20 training, was 5 minutes at slow pace, 20 minutes at long run pace and 5 minutes at tempo pace.

My run ended up being 2.32 miles in 25:44. An overall pace of 11:05. And, surprise! The last .32 was a 9:37 pace, so I was actually on point.

After work, I also walked on the treadmill for about .8 of a mile and 24 minutes while watching funny Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon clips.

On the podcast this morning Tyler also reminded me that we, and our training, are not defined by one run—whether it’s a shitty one or a fantastic one.

There are so many factors that can go in to how well, or not well, we run on any particular day:

  • Sleep and rest
  • If your socks decide to stay up that day
  • Nutrition
  • Your miiiiind
  • Hydration
  • Whether or not you have to pee
  • Weather
  • And the list could go on and on

So, let’s not let one craptastic run ruin it for us, m’kay?

Also, this was by no means my worst run. I’d have to give it to that day in 2010 when I couldn’t bend my legs because my calves had seized up, thus prompting me to seek advice, which led to the discovery of my shin being fractured, resulting in my not running what I’d thought would be my first marathon.

In the end, though, that one run didn’t define my running or training. I went on to recover and became a better athlete than before. I’ve learned to think long term when it comes to running.

Besides, bad runs make for fun stories.

What is the worst run you’ve ever had?

What Metabolic Effect Does to Me

What Metabolic Effect Circuits Do to Me

Guys, I’m wiped. Stick one of those meat thermometers in me. I’m done. Cooked. All I want right now is a shower and bed. (And to brush my teeth because gross.)

Today was my official start to *baseball stadium announcer voice* MARATHON marathon TRAINING training 2015 2015 15 15…! Maybe I should make some computer graphics for that like TV news.

Anyway, my first day is a non-running day. *womp womp*

So I have strength scheduled for Mondays, and since I’d like to get a little leaner, I’m back to doing Metabolic Effect “spark” circuits.

Dude, I forgot how killer they are! I was a sweaty, shaky, thirsty, hot mess! And that was before I worked out. Just imagine the after. *shudder*

The circuits consist of four compound exercises. You do 12 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next one. You rest when you’re completely out of breath.

I can tell I’m stronger than the last time I re-started ME circuits because I was able to do 5.5 rounds of the four exercises in 20 minutes. I used 12-pound dumbbells, so I might need to up it to 15 pounds on Wednesday.

Here’s what I did in 20 minutes:

12 squats with a double dumbbell row

12 crunches with a dumbbell press

12 squats with a double dumbbell curl

12 squats with dumbbell side arm raises

So all that, 5.5 times. How many squats is that? I did the first one 6 times…so that’s 72 total squats for that part…and I did the final two 5 times…so that’s 120. ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-TWO SQUATS.

What Metabolic Effect Circuits Do to Me

Did I stop there?

Hell no! Why? Because I want to do this awesome “Build a Stronger Butt” workout by Bret Contreras (and I hate myself). So, after teeter-tottering down to the bus stop to pick up my son, I came back and did:

3×10 barbell hip thrusts (except I used two 20-pound dummbells because I don’t own a barbell and I wasn’t at the gym)

3×10 goblet squats holding a 20-pound dumbbell (MORE FREAKING SQUATS…what’re we up to? 222, NBD.)

3×10 romanian deadlifts with two 20-pound dumbbells. I know I can go heavier with these–just did like 95 pounds on a barbell last week. But I need to do them at the gym and, alas, I was at home.

The butt workout only took 5-10 minutes. Worth it!

You know what? I don’t really like working out at home. During my ME circuits Bennie (the dog) kept walking right where I was swinging my dumbbells for side-arm raises. And then hanging over my face when I was trying to do the crunches.

What Metabolic Effect Does to Me
This dog can’t just let me exercise!

Then, as I’m doing the most awkward hip thrusts ever using my exercise ball and the dumbbells, my 6-year-old son comes in my room bouncing this little air-filled green ball, which he then loses, which then rolls right under my butt as I’m lowering down and my butt bounces off the ball and then he’s trying to reach under my butt to try to grab it and I may have snarled at him.

WHY does everyone need to be within arm’s reach of me while I’m working out?! Does this happen to you, too? Or, just me?

Have you tried ME circuits? What do you do for running strength? What works for you?

Matt Fitzgerald's 80/20 Training Plan - Marathon

My 80/20 Marathon Training Plan Starts Tomorrow

How was your Mother’s Day?

I found out my son thinks I’m as smart as God. So, I have that going for me. Which is nice.

Mom vs. Marathon

Also nice: Monday is a non-running day. So, my very first day of marathon training, I will not be running. I love this plan!

Speaking of not running, I took Friday and Saturday off. Friday, I did log a couple of miles of walking, including some hill walking, on the treadmill. And Saturday, I walked and jogged a little, but only like a mile or so. I was still so sore from that elliptical session on Wednesday.

Next time I better check myself before I wreck myself.

That elliptical, BTW, wasn’t your average elliptical. The gym has two of these different ellipticals that you can do more than just the normal elliptical on them. (How many times can I say elliptical in a sentence?) On this type, you can do stair climbing or mimic sprinting and striding. Anyway, ouch.

It’s very nice to have my home treadmill back! The Sears guy came out, adjusted the belt (which I’d screwed up trying to adjust it myself), and lubed it. He said I need to lube it once a month! Uhhhhh…it’s been like 5 years since I’ve had that thing.

Today, Sunday–also known as Mother’s Day, I got out for 6 miles. Kind of a run-through of my future long runs on Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 plan. I did my usual trail by my house and then a loop around the lake. Recovery pace for a warm up, then long run/easy pace, then recovery again. Worked out to an overall pace of about 11:21.

I felt really good and wanted to run faster, probably because of all the resting I’ve been doing. But I held back. The thing with the 80/20 plan is making 80 percent of your running easy and 20 moderate to intense running.

Matt Fitzgerald's 80/20 Training Plan - Marathon

Here’s what’s up for this week:

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: A run Matt calls “Fast Finish,” which includes some easier running that ends with a tempo-type pace

Wednesday: A run Matt calls a “Foundation Run,” which is pretty much just all easy running or slower + Strength

Thursday: Another “Foundation Run”

Friday: A run Matt calls “Speed Play,” which is easy running (warm up and rest intervals) with some short, speedier reps thrown in

Saturday: “Foundation Run” + Strength

Sunday: Long Run of 6 miles

That’s all, people. Hope you had a wonderful day today!

Mom vs. Marathon
Beautiful flowers from my son and husband.


A Sore Non-Loser

I am sore today. Like super sore. Not oh yay you can tell I worked out yesterday sore. This is tender-sore. Like don’t touch me sore.

Maaaaybe I should’ve seen it coming after the impromptu elliptical session yesterday. Hmmm.

Basically it hurts to lift my leg to take a step.

I don’t want to drink water because going from standing to sitting on the toilet is more painful than it was after childbirth. I can say that because it’s been 7 years so it’s been wiped from my memory.

And, please, whatever you do, don’t say the word…stairs. *sob*

My quads and glutes are pain daggers jabbing me from the inside.

You might be wondering if I skipped my run today because I’m literally crying when I get in and out of the car.

Yeah, I went. And I suckered my kid into going with me. We did the loop around the lake that is just about a half mile down the trail from my house.

A Different Direction
My and my son, who will be 7 this month. When I started running in 2009, I would push him on the jogger. How is he so big now? (Ignore house reno projects behind me.)

Okay, so I wouldn’t call this a steady run, per se. We jogged, we walked, he talked. Like the whole time. Now I know how people who run with me feel. Sorry guys.

A Different Direction
My son flying down the hill on the “park” side of the lake, showing off his best Phoebe running form.

He also got distracted by sticks, rocks and…SQUIRREL.

But we made it–2.75 miles in like 43 minutes. And it was fun.

In other news: I was excited to see some Oiselle shorts I ordered arrived today–the Rogas. Online they look so cute on the runner models. So roomy and comfy. I would even venture to say LOOSE.

Nope. Not on me. Total underwear.

And they were larges! They were just the regular length and I’m sort of tallish, so…I’ll try the long version in a bigger size.

Can someone tell me WHY clothes are cut so differently? I wear a SMALL in Athleta capris. I wear a 6 or 8 in Lululemon. And I’ll be looking for an XL in Oiselle shorts.

Which brings me to something else I want to talk about.

I love the weight training plan I’m on. I love lifting heavy. But I also feel like my body should look different. Like more muscular by now. And why am I not losing any inches off my waist?

Admittedly, my diet hasn’t been on point (see yesterday’s froyo reference). But I feel like when I was just doing Metabolic Effect circuits mixed with running and my diet was good, but not totally on point…maybe like just slightly to the left of it…that my body was changing, responding, and quickly.

I’m about to start marathon training for realz on Monday. So like shit’s about to get like super real. Like Real Housewives real. Like lots of running, maybe some table flipping.

Perhaps I need to take a step back from the slower more time-consuming weights routine and just do my Metabolic Effect circuits 3x/week.

Or maybe I should just do those for a few weeks to see if I can get my waist to respond a little. I will tweak my diet, too, of course. More veggies, less froyo.

Do you wear shorts when you run? What brand? Because I’m about to just go back to skirts even though I really just want to wear shorts sometimes!

Okay, that’s all for now. Gotta hobble.