Everybody’s Been Asking Me Where I’ve Been*


If you have visited this site in the past, you may be wondering where I’ve been. If you have not visited this site before, then welcome! Welcome to my space on the Internet where I impart my slightly correct and partially extensive knowledge of running and fitness. Now, I shall tell you where I have been.

I haven’t been anywhere, dummies. I’ve been where I normally am: at home, at work, at the gym and at the froyo place down the street. (Yogurt store name withheld.) So if you haven’t looked for me in those places, then you’ve looked about as well as my husband looks for his keys before asking me 12 seconds later where they are.

So. Where have I been?

Well, unlike your mom, I haven’t been on the streets.** When it comes to keeping my body in tip-top 37-year-old-with-a-desk-job shape, running just won’t cut it. So I’ve been at the gym hitting the weights. Like literally hitting them. With my head. I’m pretty sure I gave myself a concussion on Tuesday. I mean, I think I did…I can’t really remember.

I love the gym. I could hang out there all day if I didn’t have other pesky things that have to get done like parenting.

And I’m getting stronger. Unfortunately, you can’t see the results as well as you should be able to because, besides the gym, I’ve been hitting the cookies pretty hard. And, by cookies, I also mean wine.

It’s safe to say, unless there’s a runner-murderer hiding behind my couch right now, weightlifting has officially taken over my workouts. I try to run more than two times a week, but it doesn’t always happen.

Sometimes I do my moderate cardio on my bike trainer instead while watching educational television programs, such as Clueless, a nostalgic take on what high school life was actually like in ’90s!

I gotta say, I thought I would miss running a little more than I do. But I don’t. Ask me about it in March when it’s time to run a 15K with my friends.

*Not really.
**I’m sorry, I do NOT know what got into me there.