34 of the Best Running Books Compiled by Runners

34 of the best running books selected by runners

I like books. I like running. I love books about running! I asked my Mom vs. Marathon Facebook friends to recommend their favorites and they delivered!

Thanks so much to everyone that contributed today; it’ll be a while before I run out of reading material. (Thank you, I’ll be here all night, don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

Okay, no more messing around. Here’s the list in no particular order:

4:09:43 by Hal Higdon – Wendy

Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong – Honore and Lisa

Zen and a Half Marathon by Jeff Davenport – Ruth

Got to Live by Jay Danek – Alana, “Very good book, very inspirational. He lost his father then started walking, then running then trail runs. He tells you a lot in the book.”

The Long Run by Matt Long – Jodi, “Loved this book.”

My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso – Sara, who promises it has “humorous parts” and says that “Bart Yasso is really funny from the times I’ve spoken with him.” (I like funny books.)

Eat and Run by Scott Jurek – Lauren and Ashley

On the Run from Dogs and People by Hal Higdon – Hal Higdon, “…published in 1971, still in print, reprints a number of articles I wrote for Sports Illustrated back in the 1960s.” He also says you can get an autographed copy from www.halhigdon.com. And he recommends 4:09:43, of course!

Running and Being by Dr. George Sheehan – Catey, who is loving this books, and who also loves Dean Karnazes’s books.

Onward! by Brook Kreder – Runner’s Re’treats’

Marathon Woman by Katherine Switzer – Heather, “It was an amazing read and I had no idea how much she’s done for the sport after Boston.”

I Run, Therefore I Am Nuts by Bob Schwartz – Kristin

An Accidental Athlete by John Bingham – Kristin

The Lola Papers by Amy L. Marxkors – Kristin

Honey, Do You Need a Ride by Jennifer Graham – Kristin

Sex, Lies, and Triathlon by Leib Dodell – Kristin

Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run by Andy Holgate – Kristin, who says it also has a sequel.

Iron Wars by Matt Fitzgerald – Kristin

14 Minutes by Alberto Salazar – Kristin

Marathon Man by Bill Rodgers – Kristin and Jessica, who says, “I really like how he lets you inside his marathon mind.”

Staying the Course by Dick Beardsley – Kristin

Duel in the Sun by John Brant – Kristin

Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn – Kristin

(And here are the books I’ve read and recommend: Racing Weight; Run Less, Run Faster; Hansons Marathon Method and Hansons Half Marathon Method; both Run Like a Mother books; Born to Run; Elite Minds; What I Talk About When I Talk About Running; Sole Sisters; and A Life Without Limits are not included in this list because I’d already read them. If you haven’t, I recommend them all.)

What are we forgetting?! Add your recommendations in the comments. And feel free to share the list with your running buddies.

My ULTIMATE Dream and Goal

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Shalane Flanagan really started seeing success once she publicly announced her “ultimate dream and goal” of winning the Boston Marathon.

Sure, she didn’t win this year. But she did better than she (or any American woman) had ever done before, shaving an incredible 3+ minutes off of her personal best, and finishing in 2:22:02.

When you have a goal, it’s more effective to share it than it is to keep it a secret.

So that’s what I’m doing here.

I’m writing a book!

It’s my ultimate dream and goal.

It’ll be a book about running and motherhood. Especially for new moms who feel like they’ve lost themselves (like I had), and how they can find themselves again through running (like I did).

Something like that. But funnier.

That’s all I know right now. I need time to work on it. To figure it all out.

That’s why I’m going to take a break from this blog.

I was trying to do both (maybe you noticed I was posting more), but the time I should be devoting to the book, I was spending here.

Meantime, I’ll be posting on the Mom vs. Marathon Facebook page.

Okay, gotta run…I mean, write now.