Why You’re Just Not Into Running Right Now

Why You're Just Not that Into Running Right Now
Why? Why does running suck?

Remember when you got your first smartphone? You turned it on and there was all that new, surprising, stuff that you didn’t even expect? Apps! I can Facebook from my phone, what? It was fun discovering all it could do.

That stuff’s old news now, which is why people don’t like the new iPhone. Nothing new to see…except some colors you’re going to cover up with an OtterBox anyway.

Remember your last run? In your same ol’ ‘hood? That same poodle growled at you. Same number of cracks in the asphalt. (Or worse, on the treadmill.) You ran your same pace you always run. You did speed work…the same speed work you did last week.

Ugh. Gag me with a chocolate GU!

Some people thrive on the “same old” routine. But these are the people who still use flip-phones and have been working at Corporate Co. for 235 years. Not that old-school communication devices and long-term company loyalty are bad things, they’re just not for everyone.

Now, think back to your first ever run. You went farther than you thought you would. You saw your neighborhood in a new way–not in a car. You climbed hills you didn’t think you could climb (in fact, you didn’t even realize there was a hill there before). A bug flew into your eye. Someone honked at you. This was some exciting new shit you didn’t expect!

Your last run. Same old shit.

Your first run. Exciting shit.

Getting my point?

You’re bored of the same old shit. Unless you’re training for the Olympics or something, there’s no reason to keep doing the same old running routine over and over again.

Do something new. And keep doing new stuff.

Probably not this (but if you do, definitely record it on your iPhone and post it to YouTube, k?):

5 Workout Songs I’m Loving Right Now

Katy Perry Album Cover

1. ROAR by Katy Perry.

Great lyrics. Very empowering. Catchy. Plus, it reminds me of playing air guitar to EYE OF THE TIGER with my friend in elementary school. We rocked.

2. #THATPOWER by Will.i.am featuring Justin Bieber.

Did you ever used to listen to Adam Carolla when he had a morning radio show? I did. I loved his show. I didn’t always agree with him on everything. But some things he ranted about made so much sense. Left turn arrows! Also, Terry the pterodactyl.

Do you remember him talking about Terry? Terry was Adam’s solution to some of this world’s most annoying celebrities. Terry, Adam imagined, would swoop down and grab the celeb, then fly over some open volcano somewhere in a far off land and drop the celebrity in. 

There are a couple of celebrities I wish Terry would swoop down upon. One of them is Justin Bieber, which is why the fact that I like this song irritates me so much. But it’s not like he wrote it. And he only sings a small part, so I guess it’s okay. 


Super poppy and fun. I just like it. It’s from the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack. 

4. MAJOR TOM by Shiny Toy Guns

I think this song is old. I know I heard it a while ago. But, then again, I’m old.

5. BRAVE by Sara Bareilles

Hard not to sing along to this one. Luckily, I’ve been on my treadmill a lot.

Can Being Vain Be a Good Thing?

I was listening to Jillian Michaels’s podcast on my drive home from work as I usually do on Tuesdays, and she brought up the topic of vanity. Is it good to be vain?

I admit, I am vain. (Thanks for acting surprised, friends.)

I care how I present myself. I care about the way others see me. I care about skinny jeans. Unless it’s a day I just don’t care.

When I started running in 2009, it wasn’t just good health I was after. I also wanted to look better. DUH.


  • Keeps me out of the potato chip bag.
  • Gets me on the treadmill.
  • Motivates me to try new exercises.
  • Limits the amount of popcorn I eat.
  • Gets vegetables and protein on my plate.
  • Spurs me to learn about fitness.
  • Makes me put on deodorant.

These are all good things!

Unfortunately, the word “vain” has so much negativity around it. Probably because the definition is “having or showing undue or excessive pride in one’s appearance or achievements.” Synonym: Conceited.


I guess I don’t think of myself as being “excessively” proud of my own appearance. Besides, “excessive” is relative. Spending $38,000 on a purse is excessive to my husband. But not to me and Oprah.

I'm so vain. But you probably already know that about me.
I’m so vain. Well, more like so-so vain.

I believe there are levels of vanity anyway, so I am creating a scale, which should heretofore be known Kerrie’s Vanity Scale™. (Creative,  huh? And so fitting to put my name in the title.)

The KVS rates vanity from 1 to 5 with 1 being Mother Teresa, and 5 being any of the Kardashians. I would put myself at a 3.5. Where do you fall on the scale?

Do you agree or disagree with me? Is being vain good for you? Do you have Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain stuck in your head now, too?