Dilettante Women’s Tri Training Starts in Two Weeks Time!

Um, hi. Where did February go? Oh yeah, I had my regular 3-day-a-week gig and a 20+/week contract position on the side, and had to write packaging copy for products that won’t be on store shelves until fall. So, remind me a couple months before Christmas, and then maybe I can show you were February went. (Unless they rewrite all my copy. Then I got nothin’.)

Meantime, we are about to leave for a pretty hefty vacay at the in-laws. In Florida. Where it’s WARM. Where they can see the sun on a regular basis.

After that, we are taking Karsen to DisneyWorld. MICKEY. I’m pretty excited to get away. So excited I don’t care that my tri/half training will take a little hit. Ah well. I’m taking my running stuff, and I think one of the hotels has a bike, but I’m not going to worry about it. I am going to try my darndest to keep up the core work, though. I’ll be away from the blog, of course, but when I get back, I sort of have some exciting news (no, I’m not preggers like the rest of the running world seems to be!).

Then it’s GO time. I want to be in tip-top shape for the Dilettante Women’s Triathlon on June 15. I’ve decided to do the sprint. I’m going to give it all I got, and see what happens.

I was listening to a past episode of the Runner Academy podcast today and Matt was interviewing Dean Karnazes. (BTW-Super proud of myself for spelling Karnazes correct on the first try! These are things a runner should know.) Dean was talking about all kinds of good stuff, but he said one thing that stuck with me: “Push yourself to failure.” I love this. It’s going to be my motto in 2013.

It should be your motto, too! OMG, we could be twinsies. Hey, I know! You should do the Dilettante Women’s Triathlon, too!

Why? Because you gotta see what you can do, right? Maybe you rock at triathlon. Maybe you could freaking win a triathlon! You would never know unless you tried it out. (And, when you do try it and win, don’t forget to thank me.)


Dilettante Women’s Triathlon

Five Mile Lake Park – Federal Way

Saturday, June 15, 8 a.m.

Sprint: $70 (price goes up after March 31)

Olympic: $100 (price goes up after March 31)

Sign up now and save $10 with the discount code: INSANITYDWT13

There will be chocolate at the finish!


And, because they are cute, here are a couple of pics of Karsen working out with me:

Karsen rolling out my calves for me after 7 miles on the treadmill. PT in training?
Karsen rolling out my calves for me after 7 miles on the treadmill. PT in training?


Karsen doing a yoga move during a Jillian Michaels DVD.
Karsen doing a yoga move during a Jillian Michaels DVD.

Repeat After Me: SOMETHING is Better than Nothing

Just popping in to report that I got in my first bike ride in a week done today, and my first core workout in two days. That’s an HOUR of exercise people!

The amount of work I have with my freelance client is insane when you add it to my regular in-office part-time job, plus being a mom and wife and the duties that go along with that. And then add to that my passion for endurance sports. So, unfortunately, my hobbies have taken a back seat this week.

I spent Valentine’s night plus the night before that working. Today, I caved and let Karsen stay home with me and didn’t get near the amount of work I wanted to get done, done. I mean, I got some done, but I wanted to get more done. I just want to get ahead of the pile!

The good news was that we had sun here in Seattle today! And since Karsen was home, I took advantage of it and played soccer outside with him. Love this little guy; wish I could explain to him why I have to work so much this month. Just keeping my eye on the prize: Florida in just over two weeks. Ahhhh.

Not Florida sun, but we'll take it!
Not Florida sun, but we’ll take it!

Since I’ve been working so much, I treated myself to a new watch I saw through Gearbuzz. I need a heart rate monitor, but don’t want to do th chest strap thing. Found a $10 off coupon code online for the seller, HeartMonitors.com, and BOOM. Done. New New Balance Life TRNr is on its way.

Now, trying to figure out how to get a 7-miler done tomorrow, plus work, plus have a life.

Will you have a life this weekend?

Don’t worry, all hope is not lost for me. Besides some family stuff on Saturday, I will be meeting up with my peeps–Mel, Zoe and Chelsea–on Sunday for brunch.

When is this Going to Be Over?

This was a common theme yesterday.

I had a lot of freelance work to do, and errands to run, and I had Karsen home with me, so any time to work out was going to be limited. Technically, Monday’s a rest day, but I would really like to do strength and, of course, keep up with my 15 minutes of core that I’ve been doing now for almost a week and a half.

Finally, at about 4 p.m., I made myself get on the floor for core work. Just 15 minutes. It’s not that long.

But time is relative, right? Fifteen minutes isn’t long, but you know what is? ONE MINUTE IN BOAT POSE.

My 15-minute core workout on Monday.
My 15-minute core workout on Monday. My boat pose is not quite like that.

Every time I got to about 40 seconds of boat pose, I felt like I might hurl. Serious puke threshold stuff happening there. I had to take little breaks and pull my legs in every once in a while. Every time, I was like, When is this going to be OVER?! in my head.

I am taking my measurements and I think I have lost 3/4 of an inch off my belly since I started doing 15 minutes of core every day. I say think because hopefully I am measuring properly.

My 15-minute core workouts usually consist of four different core moves, each lasting 1 minute. After the circuit, I take 1 minute of rest. Then I do that two more times. I got the idea from Jason’s core post over at Cook Train Eat Race.

I had to get my core done before Karsen’s first “big boy” swim lesson. The last lessons he had were “Mommy and Me” when he was like 8 months old or something. All day yesterday, he talked big: “I’m a real good swimmer, Mom,” and “I can swim fast!” But when it was time to get in the pool, he was scared.

Once in, he tried to play it cool, but he was holding on to the wall for dear life (even though he was wearing a flotation device).

"I can't hold this for much longerrrrr."
“I can’t hold this for much longerrrrr.”

He was so afraid, but he did it. I made sure to point that out afterward–that he should be proud of himself. And we talked about how that it’s similar to when Mommy was afraid to ride the bike, and I did it even though I fell.

Watching him “swim” cracked me up because the teacher would tell him to run with his legs yet they were as stiff as Frankenstein’s. Toward the end of class, as he was still holding on for dear life, I could hear him mumbling to himself: “I can’t hold this for much longerrrrr.” And, my personal favorite: “Oh, when is this going to be OVER?”

He had fun, I’m pretty sure, because he couldn’t stop talking about it afterward. Although, I’m not positive it was the swimming part or simply the teacher because on the way home, he said: “The teacher kinda likes me. Yeah, she likes me.”

I guess whatever it takes, right?

Do you have a core routine you like?

Also, did you see Amanda’s post, “Loosen Your Hips to Lose the Belly“?

I’ve been stretching more after core–definitely will be incorporating some more hips stretches!

Fat Sunday

So yesterday I got to go down to Mel‘s house. I dropped off Karsen since he’s the perfect age to play with her kiddos, and thanks (a million times thanks) to Mel’s mom, they had a play date while me, Mel and her husband drove on over to the Orting Trail and had ourselves a long run.

I miss running with my buddy so much, so it was just fantastic. I’ve been running by myself a lot lately. In fact, I don’t think I’ve run with anyone since me and Zoe ran the half in November (below). I don’t mind running solo, but it’s nice to have a buddy every once in a while. And, well, Mel used to work about a mile away from my office, so we would meet about twice per week to run during lunch, but she changed offices maybe a year ago now and, dude, my lunch runs are so boring these days.

The thing is that Mel is pregnant and so her pace has slowed a little bit, but it’s the perfect long run pace for me–especially since I’m building mileage right now and decided to add a day of running.

Sunday was sunny (mostly) finally and it was great running weather! And great conversation and the 10k FLEW by. Back at home, I got in my 15 minutes of core work before showering.

It was good I got in an extra run this week since the hubs decided to make gumbo! Here he is with his rigged gumbo spoon (that pot is really tall and the spoons are not…yeah, singed knuckles are not good times). We celebrated Fat Tuesday with gumbo on Sunday and by eating a huge bag of candy-coated almonds over two days. Can’t. Stop. Eating. Them. There are like five left…and probably will be for a while so we can pretend we didn’t eat them all over two days.

Today, I have done no exercise (unless you call running around two stores looking for kid flip-flops in winter exercise followed by a Costco trip). Hoping to get in a strength workout before Karsen’s first swim lesson tonight.

He’s pumped.

When did your kiddo learn to swim?

I don’t think I learned till I was 6.

Delicate and Not-so-delicate Cats

Time for blogging had to be reduced since I picked up a freelance contract that’s kept me pretty busy. It’s also made working out a little more difficult, but I’m trying to keep up. Mostly I just want to log miles so that I can increase my running base–and doing that means running more than three days a week. To do that, I am running easier and adding short mileage on a fourth day. Once I get that down, I’ll add another short day, etc.

I am reading The Hansons Marathon Method right now (because, hello, I have a girl crush on Desi and she runs with the Hansons).

The trifecta

It talks a lot about running physiology and building mileage, so this is very helpful. Also very helpful, Karsen is starting read more and more. Yesterday, he read the settings on the washing machine. He did really well until he got to “delicates.” That’s a hard one for a 4-1/2 year old. He sounded it out, but then I showed him that he already knew one of the words within the word: “cat.” We sounded it out again, and he shouted out: “Delicate cats!”

I don’t know why I think that’s so funny. But a “delicate cat” setting on a washing machine cracks me up. I remembered to take video toward the end, but I can’t figure out how to get it to upload. So here’s this instead:

Afterward, Karsen and I watched a more professionally made video while I did a core workout and then ran 3 easy miles on the treadmill. We watched Puss in Boots, a film about a rather tough cat.

Neither of us had seen it before. I thought it was pretty good, but I had to explain a lot of things to Karsen. For one, I am a terrible mother (I realized) because I haven’t read him all the classic nursery rhymes. So I’m not sure he got the connection between Jack and the beans and the goose that lays golden eggs and all that. Oh well.

Today, I’m going for a long run with Mel and her hubs while our boys have a play date. Happy running!

Training Recap for the Week of 01-28-13

Miles run: 16.5

Time spent running: 2 hours and 35 minutes

Miles biked: 28.68

Time spent biking: 2 hours and 5 minutes

Strength workouts: 2

Time on strength: 1 hour

Core workouts: 5

Time on core: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Total training for the week:

Workouts missed: 1



Started off the week with some terrible sleep. But I still got my strength work done with a couple of 8-pound dumbbells and a Biggest Loser sculpting DVD taught by Jillian.


I got up before work to get in an extra bike ride. It was just 20 minutes, but there was plenty of sweat. Morning exercise gives me a better start to the day.

On my lunch hour, I had an easy 4-miler planned. I have a pretty strict 60 minutes for lunch, so when my watch wouldn’t turn on and I had to look up how to give it a hard restart, I was worried I wouldn’t have time! Then I got outside in the Seattle mist and when I went to turn onto the trail I usually run first, there was a big group of geese all across the trail and they gave me the stink eye! Jerks. So I had to go a different way.

I’d turned my pace off on this run and vowed to run easy, but because of time restraints I picked it up a little bit after the first couple of miles. I ran 4.25 miles in 38.57 minutes (and had 5 minutes to change out of my soaked running clothes when I got back to work): 9:31, 9:10, 8:59, 9:02 (and 9:05 pace for the last quarter mile).


I read this post by Cook Train Eat Race on core workouts and vowed to work on my core, joining his super-supportive Facebook group: 30 Day Ab Challenge – CoreWork. So, I got my core done when I got home before going out to dinner with the fam.

I used the suggested exercises that Jason of Cook Train Eat Race gave on his post, although I did one wrong (side planks should be held one minute per side, not 30-seconds per side and “pulsing”). I did the routine 3 times (with a minute of bicycle crunches afterward): 1-minute of bridges on the exercise  ball, 1-minute supermans with alternating arms and legs, 30 seconds left side plank (pulsing) and then 30 seconds on the right, rest 1 minute.

We went to IHOP for dinner — ugh. Karsen loves pancakes, though. I had the harvest grain and nut pancakes with blueberries in them and butter, no syrup (couldn’t finish, though, too full). I also had scrambled eggs, and ate Karsen’s piece of bacon (yum) and sausage (ick-shouldn’t have). I had to wait an hour after we got home to ride the trainer.

Erika gave me a great interval workout: 1o-minute warm up, 5×5-minute sprints with 1-minute rest intervals, and a 5-minute cool down. I rode 10.13 miles in 45 minutes and was dripppppiiiiing with sweat. I finished at 9:15. I usually try to be in bed by 9:30 on work nights. Oops.


Ran 4.24 miles in 38:10 with pace turned off completely. Here’s the recap from DailyMile:

Guess what? I saw a group of 26.2 geese! (One was a duck, technically. That’s like .2 of a goose.) Maybe it’s a sign! Today’s goal: 4 miles — 2 easy and 2 at a slightly harder effort. Turned pace off my watch completely. I kind of like this because when I get back it’s a little surprise. Mile 1: 9:41 (proud of myself for keeping it easy). Mile 2: 8:25 (I thought I was closer to 9!). Mile 3: 8:28 (WOW consistent!). Mile 4: 9:23 (was concentrating on form which makes me run faster). Last .24 was a 9:20 pace (also very consistent-yay!). Noisy run: lots of honking, truck brakes, screeching, helicopters. Geez. And my creaky knee. Slight mist, mid-40s.

I did core and strength after work. Karsen cheered me on.

Strength: 3x 30 (15 on ea. side) crossover lunges w/ bicep curls; 60-second plank; 15 bent over rows; 50 bicycle crunches; 1-minute rest interval

Core: 3x 1 minute of bridges on the ex. ball; 1 minute of alternating supermans; 1 minute side plank (left); 1 minute side plank (right); 1-minute rest interval

About 10 minutes of thorough stretching.


I’d like to add a 4th day to my running, but know I have to do that very carefully. I did 2 miles at a very easy pace focusing on form and relaxation. Of course, once I was outside, my little running devil was trying to talk me into why 30 minutes of running would be a good idea, but my little running angel told me to stick with the plan. I ran 2 miles in 21:39.

Then immediately following the run, I did core: 3x 1 min. of squats; 1 min. of bicycle crunches; 1 min. boat pose (shaking like a leaf!); 1 min. rest interval. Followed it with 10 minutes of deep stretching.


Jill and I had planned to ride outside! It was supposed to be 50 and sunny — it had been gorgeous on Friday — but I woke up to fog. We went anyway. We met at the Orting Trail for an agreed-upon distance of 15 miles. Along the way, we saw Mel (Tall Mom) and her hubby running. Fun day. I love riding my bike outside. We went 14.55 miles in almost exactly one hour.

I got core done late, but I got it done! 3x 1 min. of deep squats; 1 min. alternating supermans; 1 min. bicycle crunches; 1-min. rest interval. Um. I forgot to stretch.


From DailyMile:

Dude. This morning has been weird. I had a nightmare and woke up before 6:30 a.m. I refuse to run in the dark, so I had my coffee and ezekiel toast w/ PB and honey, then sat around and surfed the ‘net till the fam woke up and it was light out. Then made Karsen breakfast. Anyway, ALL that time, my Garmin–that I charged overnight Friday to Saturday–could’ve be re-charging if I’d known it was dead. So, I got ready to go for my 6-miler outside in 40-degree rainy weather, put my watch on and…it was dead. Oooookay. I decided I didn’t want to wait around, so I did my run on the dreadmill instead. Ugh. Had to change clothes completely. I felt all messed up–hungry and thirsty. Luckily, on the treadmill I can have my bottle of Kona Cola Nuun right there. First two miles were easy pace, although I don’t think 10:00 feels easy on the treadmill. Then I did 10×1-min. sprints with 1-min. rest intervals (10:00 pace). I did the first five sprints at 7:30, and the second 5 at 7:24. I was looking forward to seeing how fast I could sprint outside, so to do this on the ‘mill was a bummer. I’m guessing outside would be faster. Then did last two miles at an easy pace. Followed the run with my core workout.

Ran 6 miles in 56 minutes

Afterward, 15 minutes of core:

Post-run core workout. Karsen was my coach watching the timer and telling me when to switch. Plus he kept saying, “Good job!” “You’re doing good!” “Almost there!” Future career? 3x…

1-min. bridges (w/ feet elevated)

1-min. supermans w/ alternating arms/legs

1-min. right side plank

1-min. left side plank 1-min. rest interval

Spent a good almost 10 minutes of stretching afterward.


The Fog and Cold Can Suck It

Jill and me mid-ride.
Jill and me mid-ride.

Jill and I planned to ride our bikes outside on Saturday since the forecast called for sun and warmer weather (like 50 degrees!). Friday was sunny and felt very warm (I think it was about 50 or 50+).

On Saturday, I woke up to fog. Okay, no biggie, it’ll clear up. The weather app on my phone said the sun would come out at 10 a.m. Perfect! That’s when we were meeting at the Orting Trail. But, when I got to the Orting Trail, it had not cleared up. Boo. Oh well. We were going anyway.

It wasn’t really that foggy in Orting, just overcast…and cold. When we finished our ride, it was 39.

We did have some sunshine on the trail, though. Mel and her hubby were planning to run the trail that morning, so I texted her and let her know about when we’d be leaving. About 4 miles into our ride, we spotted them coming toward us. It was fun to see them on the trail.

Jill, me and Mel (who's running for two!)
Jill, me and Mel (who’s running for two!)

The rest of the ride was great, too. Jill is more comfortable on the bike than me. She probably didn’t realize it, but she pushed me a little. The trail is fairly flat and straight with basically no stops, so I was able to really get going and sort of play with the gearing and stuff.


Halfway point!
Halfway point!

And I didn’t fall! I remembered to unclick my foot from the pedal any time we stopped. This ride was a total confidence booster!

Total miles: 14.55

Time: 1 hour

Yay bikes!
Yay bikes!