Mustache Dache Race Plans and a Money-Saving Registration Event

I don’t grow facial hair (and if I did, which I’m not saying I do, I’d pluck it out with a pair of tweezers). Doesn’t mean I can’t sport a faux mo, though, for Seattle’s Mustache Dache 5K on November 17th.

Honestly, I can’t think of another race I’ve participated in that is as fun and silly as this one has been so far. Have you entered the Guess the Stache contest on the Mustache Dache Facebook page? I am proud to say that I can correctly ID some pretty important ‘staches in this country. In fact, I’m thinking about putting that on my resume under “Skills.”

Race organizers also have been asking for feedback on things like swag — it’s been a very interactive race, and the actual running part is still several weeks away! On Saturday (Oct. 27), runners can register and save money (because there are no processing fees) at any Fleet Feet store. You can also score some free bristles when you sign up for the race at Fleet Feet Saturday. Click the link for race details, including cost and location.

My running has been infrequent as of late. Even though, I haven’t been out there as much as I used to, I still have a little speed. Endurance? Not sure. That being said, I have no expectations for this 5K, except that it will be freaking fun. I’m going in costume, of course — trying to decide between cute or crazy or Tom Selleck.

How to Cut Oranges

Do you know how to slice an orange into wedges?

Oh yeah, well, good for you.

It never occurred to me there is any certain way to cut an orange until Saturday morning.

I typically don’t even buy oranges here in Washington state because, in general, they taste like ass. And when I was growing up in California (where the oranges rock, by the way), my mother held the citrus-cutting gig. No need for me to do it. But now, I’m a mom with a 4-year-old on a soccer team so, you know, orange wedges.

Anyway, there I was standing at the kitchen island enjoying the weekend smells of coffee and Eggos. My preschooler was in the living room watching PBS Kids or ESPN Gameday or a commercial for Paranormal Activity 4. I can’t remember.

I had my cutting board, a giant knife and a pile of six mediocre-looking oranges in front of me. I sliced one in half.

Then I totally blanked.

Now what? How do people get wedges from these things?

I cut one of the halves down the middle. Voila! Two huge wedges. That doesn’t look right.

I timidly cut one of them again, then freaked out.

Ack! That’s a slice, not a wedge! I don’t know how to cut orange wedges! What sort of mother am I?! I suck!

I looked over at Karsen, who was acting out a football game with his strange concoction of stuffed animals: several Winnie-the-Pooh characters, a large and small version of WSU’s Cougar mascot, a husky named Boo and a green monkey, who goes by Monks. I watched him for a little bit – his sweet in-between-baby-and-boy face – and listened to his munchkin voice call out the plays, and you know what I thought next?

F*ck the oranges.

I made slices instead of wedges with a smile on my face.

Life-changing Stuff. And Seriously. What is Up with the Dishes?

I have misled you. You think something super exciting is going on. Well, hate to disappoint, but it’s not exciting. So sorry. And now you’re here hoping to see that I’m pregnant or something, but really this is just a post featuring me whining.

Like that’s new. So, really, it’s your fault you’re here.

Okay, so here’s the scoop. I’ve added some hours to my work schedule. Actually, a lot of hours. Another freelance writing gig to last for several weeks. This is great and I know I should feel blessed to have THREE jobs when some people don’t even have one, but I also feel panicked about 24 hours per day. No, wait…six hours of sleep subtracted from 24…18. EIGHTEEN HOURS per day.

Now T Junior has to go to day care all day Monday through Friday. Luckily, he likes it – gets to play with his friends, do crafts and preschool stuff. But I am Catholic so I have the guilt. And, oh yeah, I will be working on the weekends, too.

I’m having to learn some new stuff and a new system of doing things, and it’s a challenge, you guys. It’s really hard to get in the zone. But it is only Day 3, so hopefully I’ll get it down. I think by the end of Day 5, I should have it. Right? RIGHT?

You know what my biggest source of stress is, though. The freaking dishes. They just pile up in the sink so fast. It’s like they are dish bunnies. Someone should start a service. A dish cleaning service! You just show up mid-day when the homeowner is at work and do their dishes. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the whole house – nobody can afford that. But I can afford 30 minutes for dishes. I think. How much would a dish-washing person charge, you think? Because I would pay. It’d be nice if they wiped down the countertops, too. Maybe that’s a bonus. I’d tip more for that.

Anyway, I still have my regular part-time job in the middle of the week, and so I can run during my lunch hour, and I can get up at 5 and do weights before work, but I haven’t been on my bike and I missed my last long run.

So, let’s count: Now I have 2 freelance jobs and 1 part-time job, 1 kid, 1 husband, 2 dogs and 18 hours.

Honestly, I was hoping this post was going to make me feel better. You know, get it out there! Release the stress, but it just made me think about how much I have to do, and how little time I have to do it in, and how much I don’t want to suck at this new gig…and now I’m feeling scared.

It’s funny. I look at running and at sports-type challenges, and I’m as confident as Tom Brady before a Seahawks game (what what—yeah, I went there). But for stuff where I have to use my brain, I doubt myself more than a squirrel deciding whether or not it wants to run in front of a speeding car. (Please don’t judge me by my similes.)

Aaaanyway. That’s all.

Life-Changing Stuff

I am making a change in my life. It’s sort of huge. I can’t yet tell you what it is or what it will even end up being, really. Mostly because I don’t want to jinx anything. I’m selectively superstitious.

I can tell you that I am wigging out.  I am half excited, half scared out of my freaking not-on-purpose ombre-colored head.

Mostly what I’m scared about is “the unknown.” I dread “the unknown.” You just, you know, never know! Sometimes, “the unknown” is as simple as driving directions — and not knowing where I’m going scares the crap out of me. So you can imagine how I am feeling about a “life change” (no, I’m not becoming a man; what is wrong with you?).

While I am making this change, there has been one constant: exercise. Last night, instead of facing some things I had to do for my life-changing process (and the dirty dishes), I rode my bike for an hour. Be productive while avoiding your fears, that’s what I always say.

What Inspires You?

It’s 4:50 a.m. and country music cuts through the sound of the air cleaner and the giant fan in the master bedroom. I stumble across the room, slam my hand on the snooze button, and then feel my way back to my bed where, inevitably, I have a conversation with myself that goes a little something like this: I should get up. But I don’t want to. I should get up. But I don’t want to. Hey, you can watch Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders while you ride the trainer! Oh yeah! Geez. I want to look like them. Okay, I’m up.

Mornings are just so hard when there’s no DCC on the DVR.

Whatever is speaking to you on a certain day, listen to it and be inspired!

What inspires me:

  • The thought of eating bowls and bowls of popcorn
  • The desire for a flat, strong stomach (pretend you didn’t read that popcorn one)
  • Thinking about the feeling I get after I exercise
  • Thinking about typing my workout in Dailymile – hoping it inspires others
  • Seeing friends’ accomplishments on Facebook
  • Articles in Runner’s World, Running Times and Triathlete magazines
  • E-mails and comments from friends in both the real and virtual worlds
  • Watching athletes on television, whether it is a crazy-strong dancer or a world-class triathlete
  • Seeing runners during my commute

What DOES NOT inspire me:

  • Pinterest: Am I the only one that leaves that site feeling overwhelmed, and bad about my life, my house and my baking skills? Aaaaaaaack!

What inspires YOU?

The Opposite of Leisure

“The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have.” -Dag Hammarskjold

I am going to be busy with work for the next few weeks. I won’t have much time to devote to blogging and reading blogs — not that I’ve had a ton of time recently anyway. I am excited and scared to have some extra work. But I know it will pay off in the end. Keeping my eye on the prize: a bike.

  • I do hope to keep up with all of my training, although I admit, it may suffer a bit.
  • I love having a trainer. I can get up early and ride while watching TV. I don’t have to worry about going out in the cold and dark.
  • I have been able to run on my lunch hour, and since I am finally admitting I can only run 3 days per week, that is working out nicely. Usually Tuesdays, Thursdays, and then the long run on Saturday.
  • I got to run with Lindsay, Karla, Nicole and Alma on the Soos Creek Trail last Saturday, and it was an absolute blast. Seven miles flew by. I almost forgot how great it is to run with buddies.
  • Thanks to Alma’s suggestion, I ordered these Jillian Michaels strength training cards. I’ve been having trouble finding a weight-lifting routine that doesn’t require going to a gym (obviously, I do not have time for gyms).
  • I have not been to the pool once. See bullet above.
  • I changed my calories to 2,000 per day (plus more if I burn calories working out, which I usually do). It is HARD to eat that many calories while sticking to cleaner, nutritional foods. I find myself getting too full sometimes. I admit, I’ve been indulging more in treats, though, too.
  • Since I raised my calorie allowance two weeks ago, my weight iniatially went up to 153.8 (up about a pound an a half). I tried not to panic. This last week it was down to 153.4. So, I’d call that pretty steady. Besides, it’s not about the scale, and more about how my body looks and fits in clothes.
  • The best news: I have noticed a less flabby belly! I still have not taken my measurements. Ineedto do that.
  • My next race is the Seattle Half at the end of November. What’s yours? (My physical therapist is looking for a bib for the Seattle Half if you know of one.)
  • After the Seattle Half, I have the Mustache Dache on November 17. Really looking forward to that one!
  • What’s going on with you?!