Good Sore

The day after the Inaugural You Go Girl 10K, I woke up at 6:15 to go running. My quads were a little sore, but it felt good. It was, you know, the I-can-feel-I’ve-done-some-exercise sore. Not I-have-to-walk-down-the-stairs-backwards sore (aka post-Seattle-Half-Marathon sore).

But I did take it easy during my run/walk of 25 minutes – a sort of recovery workout. I jogged (instead of ran) 90 seconds, then walked two minutes for 20 minutes after a 5-minute warm-up. It was just shy of two miles.

Still sore on Monday night, but again, good sore. In fact, the feeling encouraged me. On Tuesday, I got up at 4:15 and got to the gym for a quick bike workout – just 25 minutes because that’s all I had time for. Still, I’ve been slacking on my non-running workouts lately. I’m not sure when the last time I did core was.

And I was a good girl and got up at 4:15 again this morning to go running at the gym: 5-minute warm-up, then alternated 90 seconds of running and two minutes of walking while I watched the second half of the first episode of Bethany Getting Married? Not sore today.

Friday’s weigh-in should be interesting. I have not been tracking, but I have basically been eating the same things I ate last week. Well, except for three cupcakes (over three days) with ice cream, Maggiano’s Rigatoni D (penne in a cream-butter-marsala-esque sauce with chicken and mushrooms) for my birthday dinner and take-home gnocchi on Tuesday night, and Saturday’s Red Robin appetizer lunch (onion rings, cheese sticks and spinach dip). Oh and Mr. T’s been baking bread! How dare he.

This is why I’m going to start the Holidays of Weight Loss soon. Let me know if you want in. I will make a new button and this time, I think, there will be some giveaways involved. ‘Tis the season for gift-giving…or gift-winning, I guess. Even better!

Hope everyone has a great week of running!

PS: Race pics are in! Go HERE to view!

Jealousy's a Disease: My You Go Girl 10K Recap

“Jealousy’s a disease! Get well soon!”

My office-mate has a plethora of funny sayings. This is one of my favorites. And it was, oh, so fitting over the weekend.

There were about a bazillion running bloggers getting together this weekend.

Pre-You Go Girl “goofy” photo.

TMB and Katye flew in on Friday and toured Seattle with Jill and Zoë, had a slumber party at Mel‘s that night, and then hung out all day with Amanda and Mel on Saturday, and then met up with about 20 other bloggers for a carb load dinner on Saturday night in advance of the You Go Girl 10K and Half Marathon.

I didn’t go to any of it. I couldn’t. Friday was sort of a hectic day. I had some mom stuff going on and couldn’t figure out how to get to downtown Seattle, then back for T Junior’s nap and then down to Tacoma to pick up my packet. I live about 45 minutes from downtown Seattle and 40 minutes from Tacoma. I’m east of both cities — like on the point of a triangle. Everyone knows how bad at math I am. I just couldn’t figure out how to make the schedule work.

Mr. T ended up getting home early on Friday and we met Alma and her cute little guy at the YGG expo. Alma is so sweet — she brought me a card and an awesome girly-camo BondiBand that matches my girly-camo RunningSkirt!

The expo was teeny, but SweatyBands and One More Mile had huge displays. I didn’t mind the small expo, but I do have one little complaint: The half marathoners got better swag (long-sleeve tech tee and a tote bag) than the 10Kers (short-sleeve tech tee) AND they put the 10K t-shirt pick-up table over in a dark corner, half behind a booth while the Halfers table was front and center. What the hell? I guess I would’ve paid more to get the same swag. But that’s not even it.

I just felt like if you’ve never run a half before and this is your first 10K that you would feel like you were somehow not as good as a half-marathoner. Like you were about as small as the expo was. But isn’t the point of the You Go Girl race to encourage women to get moving — no matter how far you can or want to run? Isn’t the point to be supportive of one another? I’m probably reading too much into it. But I’m just sayin’.

Saturday was the day before my 33rd birthday. Mr. T felt strongly about spending the day with me to celebrate my birthday. I was so torn. I wanted to hang with my friends, but I also wanted to be with my boys. Family comes first and I said “no” to the carb load dinner.

Mr. T and T Junior took me boot shopping (hells yeah!) and we went to Trophy Cupcakes (double-hells yeah!). We had a great day, but I was very aware that a ton of awesome bloggy-runner ladies were meeting that evening and I was missing out. I was sick, jealous.

But you know what I remembered? I have a husband who loves me, who wants to be around me (even though sometimes I wouldn’t even want to be around me). And I have the most awesome kid ever who loves me, too. And I love hanging out with them. So, yes, I’m sorry I missed getting to know some of you on a more in-depth level, but I’m not sorry I spent the day with my family.

Okay, that’s enough of that. Now, for the race!

Inaugural You Go Girl Half Marathon and 10K
Obviously, I didn’t do any training for this race. I only started running again a few weeks ago. But I did do my run-walk routine (run 90 seconds, walk 2 minutes for 20 minutes) on Friday. Saturday night, I put out all my running stuff, which took longer than usual. Everything has been stored away, so I had to round it all up, charge AJ II (my Garmin), my phone, etc.

And, guess what? I asked Mr. T and T Junior to come to the race. And they came. Even though it was raining and they had to sit in the car forever and wait till I texted them that we were getting close to the finish and the car ended up dying and had to be charged. Troopers. Love them.

First, they dropped me off near the start and I ran down to meet my friend (from high school!) Jamie. I had her number and she needed to check a bag. I was a tad early and there was no Honey Bucket line, so I took the opportunity before it got crowded. I walked out and there they were: two boxers. The streak continues! (In total, I saw four boxers during the race — one of them was even running it.)

Blurry picture — boxers don’t know how to hold still for pictures.

I found Jamie easily and we checked her bag, then headed to the designated meeting spot where everyone was getting ready.

Mel checks her phone to see where Zoë is while Diana distributes some
packets and Amanda’s awesome friend, J, gets instructions as the official
Team Will Run for Ice Cream photographer!

Stacie and “Track Coach’s Adorable Wife” get set to run! 

 Lookin’ good Team Will Run for Ice Cream!

Diana and I have the same phone and obsession for taking pictures! 

Mel! Stop checking your phone! Zoë made it. Janna gives her a talking to… 

TMB and Becka experiencing a real Northwest race, rain and all!

Then I made Jamie my personal photographer:

Me and Jamie — the last time I saw her was the last four miles of my 18-miler.
Before that, high school!

Alma and me

Amanda and me at the starting line. Does anyone else think that woman
over my left shoulder looks a little like an alien?

Wow! A Coug and a Husky (Chelsea) standing together! We are soooo mature.

Oops! That didn’t last.

Can’t believe I’m standing here with TMB!

And Veronica!

Can’t believe Zoë’s running a 10K at 8 months pregnant.

Ugh. Another Husky.

Thank you, J, for taking pictures!

Oh wait, one more group shot. “Let’s try a jumping one,” J said. Everyone that ran Mercer Island groaned. “At least it’s before the race,” someone said.

Mercer Island post-race “Jump Shot”:

You Go Girl pre-race “Jump Shot”:

Then everyone sang me the “Happy Birthday Song,” while I pretended to be bashful.

Once all the photos were taken, we headed up
the hill to the start. We chatted for a while and I took a picture of Alma’s sweet “tat”-sleeves.

I think somebody was tired when they put their
number on before the race.

Then one of Veronica with a few names she’d written on her wrist. She was running in memory of a friend who recently and suddenly passed away.

It reminded me how lucky we were to all just be there together, having fun, despite the rain. Supposedly, the National Anthem was sung, but I didn’t hear it. And then we were all moving forward.

Chelsea (injured), Zoë (pregnant) and I (on the verge of a comeback) hung at the back of the pack as we were planning to walk/jog together. We started off jogging and laughed at “It’s Raining Men” blaring as we crossed the start mats.

The next 5.5 miles we ran when we wanted to and walked when we needed to. The conversation was great and we laughed and chatted the whole way. We also saw Kadie and her adorable daughter, Al, along the way.

Most of the race went through downtown streets, but then we turned into a muddy park, which was a nice change of scenery. I loved this old greenhouse.

The race went by way too fast. At 5 miles, I texted Mr. T that we were close. About a half-mile later, there they were: Mr. T in his navy raincoat (that’s really for fly fishing) and T Junior on Mr. T’s shoulders in his bright yellow “Fireman” jacket, hood cinched around his baby face, almond eyes bewildered. Even when he saw me, he looked like he’d seen a ghost.

Then I got an idea. “T Junior, run with me!” Zoë and Chelsea wanted to end with a kick, so they took off and I jogged along with my 28-month-old, now in his t-shirt, fleece sweat pants and his little Nike running shoes. His golden hair glittered with mist even though the sky was thick with clouds.

We ran past a water stop and there were cups on the wet asphalt. “Watch out!” I yelled, but he jumped over a crumpled cup. “You hurdled it!” I said.

T Junior proceeded to hurdle over every cup after that, each time yelling, “I huwrdled it!” After we passed the cups, he said, “Mommy, you came’d!” I guess Mr. T had been telling him I was coming up for a little while. Then, he kept saying, “Mommy, we’wre wunning fast!”

I know, I told him. “You’re running super fast!”

“NO!” he yelled. “YOU’wre wunning fast, Mommy!”

I hadn’t realized we were a half-mile from the finish. I’d thought we were closer, so I started to worry that his little legs were going to give out. But he just kept running — big stride with toes pointed, arms swinging. I could hear people pointing him out and I just tried to soak in the moment. There was nobody behind us, so we weren’t in anyone’s way. I just jogged along, encouraging my little mini-me. And then I could hear my friends cheering and Alma captured us crossing the finish.

After I stopped, I was reunited with all my 10K friends and we all had to shout “Stop!” to T Junior, who kept on running. Picture that football scene from Forrest Gump.

We chatted and I wondered why Jamie had stopped mid-race to tease her hair.

She said the rain did it. Suuuuure.

And then Mr. T was there, and we hung around for a little while to see a few of our Halfer friends finish before heading home. T Junior was really tired.

The rest of the day was great, too — the Seahawks won, we went to a yummy dinner, ate more cupcakes, season premiere of Amazing Race — best birthday ever*.

*Not counting the one on which Mr. T proposed. 

Run – Walk – Run and Repeat

When the team behind Olympian Jeff Galloway contacted me about posting a series of videos on his Run-Walk-Run Method, I got excited. The timing just seems so perfect since I’m coming back from my injury and am using the run-walk idea.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used walking and running together. Last spring, Jill and I ran five minutes and walked one for 15 miles. It’s a great way to break up a long run. Check out Jeff’s video below or head to his Web site here for more info on the method.

I’m off run-walk-running my (birthday) 10K this morning and will have a race report up on Wednesday. Hope everyone has a great running week!

Here’s what the Jeff Galloway team has to say about the Run – Walk – Run Method: “The Jeff Galloway Run – Walk – Run method has helped thousands of runners get started. By alternating running with walking you conserve energy, reduce fatigue, reduce injuries and run farther. How fast do you need to run and walk? Once you decide your minute per mile goal, you adjust your run – walk pace accordingly. Let’s get training.”

She Went Ahead and Made My Day

Just when I’m feeling about as worthwhile as a wart on a frog’s butt, somebody goes and says something nice. Big hugs to CarolinaGirl and this post* for taking my day from papilloma to princess**! CG, I hope you find what you’re looking for soon.

*But for the record, I do not have anything figured out.

**Oh, and just so we’re all clear, not Belle*** or any of the hoop-skirt wearers. I was thinking more like She-Ra.

***Hold your calls. Not that I have anything against Belle and her well-coiffed friends. Trust me, I like a damsel-in-distress moment just as much as the next girl, that’s just not what I was going for here.

Everyone Loves Before and After Photos

Ninety-five percent of one funnel cake. Ninety-seven percent of one Cow Chip cookie. Ninety-six percent of one Fair Scone…with jam. Ninety-nine-point-nine* percent of one Krusty Pup.

Going to the fair (which we all know is an excuse to eat greasy food and people-watch) was not a good way to end the Summer of Weight Loss. But it happened (my only regret is I was too full for a caramel apple and kettle corn), and now I must face the consequences. I won’t know till Friday what my official final SOWL weight is.

Overall, I’m pleased with how I did this summer and am looking forward to reaching my goal big goal eventually (maybe by Christmas — anyone up for “The Holidays of Weight Loss”?).

Since the start of SOWL, I’ve lost 9.2 pounds and am realizing I may need to go down to a size 8 in jeans (depending on the brand, of course) since my 10s are saggy in the rear – not a flattering look. I don’t think I’ve been in a size 8 since…never. In fact, I think I wore a size 10 even when I was on the cross country team, soccer team and swim team in high school. I actually remember crying about wearing a size 10 around the time I turned 16. Teenagers…

How did you all do? I hope SOWL had a happy ending for you, too!

SOWL Measurements
July 1, Sept. 21:

  • Chest: 33-1/2, 33-3/4 (what?)
  • Waist: 33-1/4, 32-1/4 (an inch lost!)
  • Midway: 38-3/4, 37-1/4 (largest area between your hips and waist, aka, tummy – 1-1/2 inches lost!)
  • Thighs (measured together b/c I’m dumb): 42-1/4, 41-1/2 (3/4-inch lost!)
  • Knees (measured together b/c I’m dumb) 28-1/4, 24-1/4 (I doubt I lost four inches in the knee area – I think I measured wrong last time)
  • Left calf: 14-3/4, 14-3/4 (same)
  • Right calf: 14-3/4, 14-1/2 (1/4-inch lost)
  • Right upper arm: 12, 11-1/2 (1/2-inch lost)
  • Left upper arm: 12, 11-1/2 (1/2-inch lost)

Before and After Photos
Explanation follows…

July 1
Sept. 21
July 1
Sept. 21

So, I tried to wear the same outfit, but the flash was creating some…er…headlights…in the photo, and I had to change into a sports bra and thicker tank. The side view is the most dramatic, I guess. I don’t look as pregnant.

This week in running
Everything is going fine. No pain. I’m not even sore. I repeated Week 1 of the Couch to 5K plan just to keep things slow and safe. Friday, I will start Week 2 or I may look into doing Jeff Galloway’s run/walk plan instead because it calls for four days of running instead of three. Right now, three does not feel like enough (although, I can remember when four was too much).

Friday’s run was lovely – red leaves, a low fog, overcast but comfortable temperatures (photos below). I got rained on during Sunday’s run and I didn’t even mind. Tuesday was in the gym at 4:45 a.m. I downloaded a reality show on my Zune to keep my brain occupied as there isn’t really any good TV on at that hour.

You Go Girl 10K
The You Go Girl Half and 10K is Sunday (my birthday!) with a ton of local running bloggers. There are a bunch of festivities planned around it and I, unfortunately, won’t be able to attend all of them. But it should be fun and I’m sure all the Puget Sound area bloggies will be posting all weekend about it! My race recap won’t be up till next Wednesday. Looking forward to running/walking with Zoë and seeing everyone!

Race outfit preview:

*I figure .1 percent of the pup’s krust is still attached to the stick when you throw it away. Right?

What I Want

I want to write about running. Correction: I want to write about me running. It’s fun. I love it. Obviously.

Dream project? A running memoir, which I’ve started about eight times then lost confidence. Writing about running in real-time is way better than writing about past running experiences, don’t you think? Anyway, I  lose steam. 

New dream project? Getting paid to write a mom-running column for a newspaper or magazine or Web site. I’m qualified: former newspaper features editor, freelance writer, copy writer. Oh yeah, and I’m a mom-runner but you already knew that. I do deadlines, and can handle criticism extremely well (or at least act like I can). Also, I’m pretty cheap.

I figure if I don’t make my wants known then nothing will ever happen. So there it is. It’s out there. It’s real.

Oh yeah, the other thing I want is a pair of black riding boots for fall. Not that I’m going riding, but I want to look like I might go riding, you know, after work or something. Just thought I should put that out there, too, in case anyone’s got a freelancing gig and footwear included in one package.

Starting from Scratch

First post-injury run: Done
Second post-injury run: Done
Third post-injury run: Done
Pain? None

Friday was my first post-injury run. I got up at 6:30 a.m. with a pounding headache that would not go away. I wore the same outfit I sported on my last real run before I cut back and eventually stopped running: a 14-miler with Jill. I thought it would be appropriate. Although, I’m not quite back to running like I was a few months ago.

I’m following the Couch to 5K plan because it’s slow and eases you into running, which is what I’ve been told to do. So far, no pain. A little soreness, yes, but it went away, which is what it’s supposed to do.

I definitely don’t feel ready for the You Go Girl 10K that’s a week and a half away, but I’m just planning on taking it easy. The past few months have taught me a valuable lesson about slowing down.

Friday’s run/walk was good, I guess, besides my head throbbing with each step. For that reason, I did not take music with me. But the time alone, outside felt too short, as did Sunday’s run/walk, which at least managed to lift my severe grumpy mood. Tuesday’s was on the treadmill at 4:30 a.m. before work, so it was actually the perfect length. I had a great time listening to my music and staring at Sports Center while other early-morning gym-goers did their own routines around me. I wondered if anybody (because it’s typically the same people at that time in the morning) noticed I wasn’t on the elliptical or bike. Yay!


I’m still chipping away at my weight. On Friday, I was down to 160.6. I’m almost to the 150 range! Only a week to go in the SOWL, people! Well, not really because I’m just going to keep losing till I get to my goal – I’m hoping around Christmas, which will be tricky.

That leads me to this week’s challenge (I will have one more for you next week). What will you do to either continue losing or maintain your weight through the holidays? Think about it ahead of time so you can stay focused.

For me, it’ll be all about the marathon. I need to lose the weight while building a running base so that when I start marathon training in the spring I will be lean and well-conditioned. I will be lighter on my feet and I will be better prepared to start adding mileage, unlike last spring when I started adding mileage to a near-non-existent base, which resulted in the aforementioned injury – aka stress fracture in my left shin. Oops. Don’t want to do that again.

PS: Thank you all for your continued support through comments and DailyMile and the other random places we connect. I’ve settled into once-a-week blogging and am liking it. I’m trying to get around to your blogs more, although I’m sorry I can’t comment as much as I used to. And don’t be surprised if a Sunday post shows up every now and then…been thinking about adding just one extra day.