When Can I Run Again?

On Monday I met with my sports podiatrist. I got my orthotics. I asked, “When can I run again?”

“Well,” he said. “Twelve weeks for sure, but 16 is better.”


I asked for specific dates and he said to count 16 from May/12 from when I first went to see him in June. So, September 10th.

“But I have a 10K at the end of September,” I whined. He said I could do it, but I would have to run-walk.

I feel ready. I want to get outside. I’m going to start walking first. Tomorrow. And I’m taking the dog with me.

Getting Back on Track

Last weekend, me and Mr. T had a load of beauty bark delivered. The whole front yard needed it, the perimeter of the back yard and my rose garden, which is pretty much the entire side yard. Sounds easy enough, right? Shovel the bark into the wheelbarrow, dump it where it’s needed and rake it out. The problem was weeds.

Not in the front yard, that gets barked and weeded regularly. But my rose garden only consists of about eight young rosebushes. And we never barked around them in the six years we’ve lived here. Every summer (except 2008 — after T Junior was born), I take a hoe and clear out the area tangled with weeds, spiders, rocks and ants. It’s tricky to get up the weeds and not damage the roses. And every year the bark never happens and the weeds grow back. But with bark in the driveway, I knew it would finally get done.

It took me about four hours (2 hours and 30 minutes on Saturday, and an hour and 30 on Sunday). On Sunday, Mr. T and his friend Dan, dumped bark around the front yard and my roses! (And that was after a full day of yard work at Dan’s house Saturday.) After we excused Dan for the day on Sunday, I had to hoe around the perimeter of the back yard. That was probably anout hour and 30 minutes. Mr. T switched off with me after a while and I shoveled bark into the wheelbarrow. My back was a little sore, so I was being very careful to lift with my legs. I could feel it in my quads that night.

Yard work as workout? I’m counting that as my different exercise from the Summer of Weight Loss Challenge.


Speaking of SOWL, I’ve gained about a pound over the last two weeks and the week before that I stayed the same. There are a number of reasons why, I’m sure. I have not been tracking very well, I’ve been using most, if not all, of my extra 35 points on the weekend, not drinking enough water, drinking too much alcohol, not getting the gym as much as I was, etc. (I need to get over to the spreadsheet and fill it in.)

That’s changing starting today. I went to the gym this morning (elliptical) and I had a low-point lunch. So far, I’ve only had about 32 ounces of water, but I have a lot of day left.

This week’s challenge: GET BACK ON TRACK. If you’re like me and started slacking a little, it’s time to go back to the basics: Burning more calories than you eat, paying attention to how much and what you are putting in your mouth, exercising, etc.

Good luck!

Recently, I met someone who is helping me tremendously in the writing arena. Bethany Maines, author of Bulletproof Mascara (check it out HERE) has given me priceless insight and tons of inspiration that has helped me get my writing butt in gear! She also helped me make up my mind about what genre I truly, truly want to write in. I got my entire plot worked out and was on chapter 4, when I rearranged a few things. I had to back up a bit and am rewriting the first four chapters (keeping some stuff from before, so I’m not starting over). The book’s probably going to be crappy when I finish it, but I will finish it. I will. Plus, I think you all know that I’m a “rewriter” by now. I can rewrite like nobody’s business. Wish me luck!

(PS: I have a writing blog here if you’re interested, but I update it even less than this blog.)

Schedule Remix

Well, it was bound to happen. Mr. T joined the gym. I’m proud of him for choosing to add some exercise in his busy schedule. I kinda like him, so I want him to stick around for a while, you know?

My schedule is changing, too. I just have not been motivated to get up at 4 a.m. to get to the gym before work, which is why the past two weeks, my Daily Mile log has been lacking. Instead of fight it (or quit), I decided to switch things up again. I finally figured out that I’m not the type of person who can stick to one schedule forever. As my life and attitude fluctuate, I must adjust my workout schedule. It’s better than giving up.

Monday, Friday and Saturday are cardio days (Saturday will be family time at the gym now with Mr. T there and T Junior in the kids room). Wednesdays and Sundays are rest and/or gym — depending on how much I sleep or how I feel. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are core workouts now, which can be done in my living room and require me to be up by 4:30-4:40. I made this change on Tuesday at 4:40. *heheheh*

My core routine has not been as challenging as it used to be, so I added more reps and an extra cycle. Tuesday’s workout:
3×30 crunches on the exercise ball
3×20 wall sits with the ball
3×20 back extensions on the ball
3×20 pushups on the ball
3×30-second planks
3×40 alternating side crunches on the ball
3×12 tricep dips

I am sore. Good sore. I-can-tell-I-did-something sore.

Do you change your schedule or routine often? Ever?

I know it’s going to change again when I can start running. My sports podiatrist appointment to pick up my custom orthotics is Monday. I’m hoping he’ll also give me a date when I can start running again. Wish me luck!

The Summer of Weight Loss
I’m holding at 162 — down 7 pounds since we made SOWL official. How’s everyone else doing? What were your challenges last week? Did you conquer them?

I did manage to drink more water on the days I’m home with the help of some Crystal Light packets. I don’t mind water, but I tend not to drink it very fast. At work, this is fine because I’m sitting at a desk all day. At home, I forget about it. Adding a little flavor helps me drink it faster.

This week’s challenge:
MIX IT UP! Try a new exercise and then post about it. It can be one you’ve done before, but that you haven’t done in a while. Tell us how you liked or didn’t like it. Will you keep doing it or stop?

I think mine will be pool running. This is something I was supposed to be doing all along, but at 6 a.m., my brain convinces me to go to the gym instead of the pool. So, it will be the pool for me sometimes late this week or early next week.

Other Stuff

  • I apologize if I haven’t commented on your blogs as much as I used to. I am trying to balance family, writing, exercising, working and blogging. I’m getting out to bloggy land occasionally, so bear with me.
  • I went to my first NFL game on Saturday night: Seattle Seahawks vs. some other team. Of course, the seachickens won! (I had two adult beverages and a hot dog, but we parked like a zillion miles away, so I got a little workout. Right?)
  • I made penne, green bean, tomato and tofu salad the other night and, much to my surprise, T Junior liked it. It’s a great Cooking Light recipe for warm nights. I thought I’d share — click here

Cutting the Fat

I went in, ripped the fat out and felt so much better.

I’m talking about my closet, of course. After last week’s post, I just dove in and started getting rid of stuff. My wardrobe is lighter and easier to manage now. And it was a huge suprise that I have more outfits than I thought I did. Now that I can see everything, I feel like I actually have more clothes.

My “to-go” piles.

Did you do the challenge? What did you find? What did you get rid of?

I was especially happy to reclaim two shirts that I have not been able to wear since mid-2007 (pre-pregnancy). I wore one of them to work on Tuesday. And I got rid of a sweater set I’ve been hanging on to since my mom bought it for my first “real” job as a copy editor in (making a scrunchy face here) 1999. Yikes.

I also discovered I have way too many sweatshirts, but I kept them all. So there.

Workouts this week included more gym time. I’m still slacking a little on getting there. I’m off my game and have not been going as much as I was a few weeks ago. I’ve been sleeping in till 5 on the mornings before work.

After work, I have all the usual chaos: making dinner, chasing dogs around, doing dishes and laundry, and trying to spend a little time with T Junior before he goes to bed. It’s been raining in these parts lately, so we’ve been playing soccer in the living room.

Friday, I actually took him to a soccer class. It was at the Starfire Sports soccer complex where the Seattle Sounders practice. The class for little kids was inside and it was just T Junior, two other little boys and one other girl, who didn’t really want to be there. One end of the indoor field had large roll-up warehouse doors and they were all open — facing a stretch of greenery and the railroad tracks. This was a problem since every time a train whizzed by the kids would all stop what they were doing, even if it was mid-kick, turn and run to the other end of the field to watch the choo-choo.

T Junior warms up.

When we left the complex I had to talk myself out of signing up for a fall adult team. I need to focus on my goal: Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll in June 2011. First step, heal this shin. Second step, build a base. Third step, start training. Fourth step, run 26.2 miles.

My other “dream” goal — writing a book — is going better now that I’m not blogging so much. I miss being in the blogging loop (bloop?), but I feel proud about how much writing I’ve been doing toward my goal. So, I apologize for not visiting you all as much these days. I’m trying to catch up occasionally. Just know that I’m reading when I can even though I may not have time to comment!


I lost half a pound last week, but was happy because that meant that the three pound loss the week before was legit and not just a fluke from weighing myself two days early. So, as of Friday, I’m at 162. I went ahead and got myself my first reward. I’m loving my new lunch box, er, bag.

This week, my challenge for you is: Choose Your Own Challenge. By now, I figure you know what’s hurting, not helping, your weight loss journey. Challenge yourself to correct whatever that might be.

I have two things I need to work on this week: drink more water and get to the gym more often. Starting in the morning. I will be in bed here in 30 minutes so that I can get up at 4:15 and get to the gym.

I hope everyone is doing well! Are you updating the spreadsheet? I haven’t been, but am heading there next. Oh, and if you are on DailyMile or Twitter, please look me up! Have a great week!

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Sweaty and frustrated, I pulled off another shirt and threw it on the floor of my walk-in closet on Sunday. I could see my baby fines sticking out from my hairline. Good thing I did my hair before I got dressed.

Standing there in my underwear, I thrust my arms forward, hands up, as if surrendering to the clothes hanging before me. I glared at them. “I have nothing to wear.”


I’m having a major wardrobe malfunction.

First of all, the abnormally cool weather around here has kept me from purchasing a lot of summer clothing. I have two casual cotton t-shirts and two pairs of shorts: army green and cream. None of these items are ever clean at the same time.

The bigger problem, however, is size. Or should I say, “smaller”? There are not many clothes in my closet that don’t have exceptions like, “I could wear this…oh, but the one shirt that goes with it is dirty,” or, “I can’t wear that with that because I have to wear something with it that hides the toddler-inflicted stain on the chest,” or, “I could wear this, but…oh wait, it’s two sizes too big now.”

I waste precious time standing in my skivvies scanning the same sweaters, jeans, and one dress over and over again. I don’t know what I’m hoping for.

On Sunday, I finally I tried on a shirt hanging there that had been just a smidge too small (I bought it on eBay a while back) a couple of weeks ago, and it fit! But the neckline was plunging. I was going to the Highland Games (Scottish arts festival), not a fashion show. What choice did I have, though? Luckily, my black tank top was clean and I layered it underneath. Then I pulled on my army green shorts and stood in front of the full-length mirror. I sighed. “It’ll have to do.”

But it’s time.

It’s time to clean out my closet. I’m a believer in getting rid of your too-big or too-small clothing items. Yet, I don’t always remember to do it.

So, here’s the Summer of Weight Loss Challenge:
Clean out your closet! And your dresser drawers! Get rid of things that don’t fit anymore. Donate them to a homeless shelter or drop them off at a Goodwill or sell them on eBay. Whatever you want to do. Take a before and after picture of your closet to share on your blog (if you want). Or take a photo of the pile of clothes you’ll be donating. I’ll post mine next week.

And here’s a good idea I’ve heard of, but never done: Pull all the decent clothes that don’t fit and then have your friends do the same. Get together and have a clothing exchange.

Quick Update:

Sunday at the Highland Games with Amanda (T Junior’s behind her and
that’s Amanda’s Little Buddy with the recognizable hairdo). There are the
aforementioned clothing items. And, there’s a lady that thinks the Highland
Games are a great excuse to dress up in a weird-a$$ costume.

1. I haven’t been in the gym as much as I have wanted to in the past couple of weeks. But I have been watching my plate. I weighed in on my new day last week — Friday — and was down 3 pounds. I hope that it was a legit loss because sometimes an early weigh-in can trick you. We shall see when I weigh in again in a couple of days.
2. I finished Born to Run. I enjoyed this book so much, I am actually sad that I’m done reading it.
3. Sunday’s Highland Games were fun. As you can see from the photo above, I ran into blog buddy, Amanda! It was so nice to see her and meet her hubby and see her little buddy again, who was rockin’ his mohawk (that’s how I actually spotted them, by the way).
4. Mr. T was supposed to play bagpipes Sunday, but couldn’t locate his kilt belt. I guess we were both having wardrobe malfunctions that day. I hung out with T Junior for several hours. I sat on a blanket while he dribbled his soccer ball everywhere. I can’t believe how quickly he picked up this skill! He’s two! Here’s a pictures and two quick videos. I’m thinking of sending it out to MLS scouts.

New fad? Soccer yoga.