Day 344: The Summer of Weight Loss

The reality of 8-12 weeks of NO RUNNING is really hitting me hard right now. Ever since Monday…uh yesterday. I guess it’s because my Seattle RnR spectating adventure is over, I guess.

I wanted to have fun running 5Ks and 10Ks this summer. I was really looking forward to it. And now I’m stuck in the hot gym staring at infomercials at 5:30 a.m. on the elliptical and wondering why the heck some people think it’s a good idea to wear sweats on the treadmill. So you can sweat out all your water and fool the scale? Really? Does it matter that much? It’s not like you’re on The Biggest Loser or anything.

Anyway, I’m being a Negative Nancy again.

Since I can’t run, I decided that I should make this The Summer of Weight Loss, sort of like The Summer of George, but not. Unfortunately, the calorie-counting-exercise-equation is not getting me the results I feel it should. I’ll lose a little, gain a little, lose a little, gain a little, and basically just stay the same. I’ve only lost 3 pounds in 2 months. And it’s not like I’m sitting around doing nothing, you know?

So I’m falling back on my old pal, Weight Watchers (WW). It has always worked for me. I even lost 40 pounds one year and never exercised (which I don’t recommend because now I know that eating right is only part of being healthy; you need to exercise for overall health). I’ve never been able to do WW on my own, though. But I can’t afford the gym and a WW membership, so I am going to try it on my own again. I think I am more motivated, smarter and better focused now.

I don’t just want to lose weight to lose weight. I want to be lighter on my feet for when I do get to run again, hopefully in September in time for Team Will Run for Ice Cream at the You Go Girl! half mary or 10K, which I am running (I do already have the shirt and everything).

Anyway, I am very proud of the awesome food-tracker, weight-tracker Excel spreadsheet I made yesterday. It has all kinds of formulas to help me keep track of my points. I don’t usually do spreadsheets. But it’s pretty kick-ass, if I do say so myself.

It has automatic dates, it automatically adds up my points, subtracts from my weekly extra points automatically if I need to use them, incorporates points I earn exercising and will automatically show me how much weight I’ve lost or gained each week.

So, okay, when I looked at how many points I get each day (22), I got nervous before remembering I get an extra 35 to use at will throughout the week and also the ones I earn from exercise. I also realized I’ve been eating too much to lose weight.

I am 5’ and 7-1/2” (the ½ counts!) tall and I currently weigh 169. I want to weigh 140 – the high end of what’s recommended for my height and body type. I added a new tracker on the right-hand side of the blog so you can see I have 29 pounds to go.

I started off The Summer of Weight Loss (SOWL) officially this morning (even though I sort of followed the plan yesterday) with a banana (-2 points) before 40 minutes of vigorous ellipticalling (+5). That’s no different than what I’ve been doing, but I did NOT have my Zone Perfect chocolate bar (which is 4 points!) in the car on the way to work. I drank water and drip coffee (-.5 for a Tablespoon of Half and Half), and made the 25-minute drive to work just fine.

Then I got started right away writing copy for a new a project, and finally at about 8:45, I got hungry for breakfast. I had a Thomas Whole Wheat bagel thin (-1) with 1 Tablespoon of Nutella spread on it (-2) and a half-cup of diced fresh strawberries (-.5). I put the strawberries on the bagel with the Nutella and it was delish! I had another cup of coffee, though, so I’m down for Coffee Mate creamer (-1).

For lunch: a salad and a serving of the leftover WW-recipe Mac ‘N’ Cheese that I made a few days ago. I have no idea what’s for dinner. I am not as organized this week as I was last week.

And don’t worry, I’m not always going to be listing my food. It’s just that I’m kicking off the SOWL today. Let’s hope for some results on Monday when I weigh in for the first time.

I am grateful for:
-Running and bloggy friends who include me in running events even when I’m not running.
-The Internet.
-That Mr. T’s wonderful health plan will cover my custom orthotics.

Days 341-343: Time Out

DAY 341
After my Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll spectating adventure Saturday morning, me, Mr. T and T Junior were supposed to go our friends’ annual pickleball tournament. It’s pretty awesome. They hold it in their friendly cul-de-sac with neighbors and old friends.

T Junior has been out of sorts and needed a nap before we could over there. We were more than 3 hours late. Obviously, we forfeited our games. But T Junior sort of played.

Me and Mr. T played 1-1/2 games. He beat me twice. I had to forfeit the second game because my herniated disc started to put pressure on that darn sciatic nerve and I really don’t want to make it worse than it is.

DAY 342
Lazy Sunday. (Well, that’s what I called it but it’s hard to enjoy it when a toddler is screaming, crying and throwing tantrums, and a puppy is trying to eat Roundup weeds and pooping on the carpet.)

DAY 343
What a freakin’ day. Most of what will be in this post should go on my parenting blog, but it all ties together, so bite me.

I stayed up way too late on Sunday night reading Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll recaps. When I set my alarm for a time that would give me about 5 hours of sleep and some change, Mr. T was like, “Really? Really?” Then he reminded me I had a punch card for gym day care. Oh yeah.

But the day care times are limited, like 8-noon and then 4-8 or something like that. We were supposed to meet a friend for lunch, so the morning was basically shot. Then, as I was getting ready to go in the bathroom, I could hear T Junior messing with Bennie’s crate. The puppy was already in there, so I hollered and told T Junior to leave it alone. I thought, Don’t forget to check the crate door before you leave.

Of course I forgot to check it.

We were already 15 minutes into our 30-minute drive when I remembered. I tried to think positive, but the sinking feeling in my stomach just kept getting deeper and deeper. What if he’s out eating plastic? He could die. He could cause thousands of dollars of damage to either the house or himself.

We made a U-turn. No lunch out today. Then T Junior, who is either getting his toddler molars or fighting something nasty, was falling asleep in his carseat. Well, okay, I guess he will be napping when we get home. So, no lunch. No gym. I’ll go at 4:30, right before T Junior’s swim lesson. That’ll work out perfectly.

But by the time 4 p.m. rolled around, I knew that wasn’t going to work. T Junior has been so out of sorts lately, there’s no way he’s going to let me workout while he plays peacefully in the day care. I can say with 100% certainty that I would be called away from the elliptical to the daycare room to console my child. What’s the point?

Not to mention, I have another headache. It’s been every day for the past 2-3 weeks. I have a doctor appointment next week and I plan to ask about these headaches that seem to be below and in my left eye. I am hoping they are just something left over from that nasty cold I had a few weeks back.

But I did do my core workout. I had to stop and give a certain someone a time out in the middle of it. He pushed the exercise ball at me and it hit me in the top of the head while I was holding a plank. I said, “Ouch. That hurt Mommy. Please do not hit Mommy with the ball.”

Devil grin. And he did it again.

I almost lost it. What happened to my nice boy? The one I had last week. He has been a completely different child since Friday and it’s wearing me thin.

Anyway, he sat in time out for two minutes while I did back extensions and tried not to cry.

Dimity’s Core Routine – Revised (for stress fracture)
2×25 crunches on the ball
2×15 pushups on the ball
2×20 leg lifts
2×35-sec. plank
2×30 oblique twists on the ball
2×10 tricep dips
2×15 back extensions on the ball
2×20 kick backs

The kick backs hurt a little because I my glutes are sore from the 1-1/2 games of pickleball on Sunday. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s better in every way.


Many of you write things you are grateful for at the end of each post. I am feeling like I need to do that today because it’s been a challenge. I’m in a bad mood even though I know life could be a bazillion times worse, so I’m taking a page from your book…er blogs…and listing a few “good things.” So…today I am grateful for:
-A husband who works hard to keep a roof over our head and food on our table.
-That only one of the latches on the puppy’s crate was open and he was still inside.
-An unexpected call from a friend to whom I vented and she listened.

Giving Them Some More Cowbell: Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Spectating Recap

After the carbo load on Friday night, I dropped Zoë off, then went to the store for a balloon and a piece of posterboard. I got home around 10 and had no energy left. I went to bed pretty late and was mad at myself for it because I wanted to get up early to go spectate at Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Originally, I had planned to meet all my runner friends before the start, but I could not figure out the logistics of that and scrapped the idea. This gave me a little extra sleep, too. At 5:45 Saturday morning, I got up and got dressed. I still had to make my sign and figure out where I was going. I was almost ready to go and still couldn’t think of what I should write on my sign. Did I want to be funny? Inspirational?

I thought about, “This is one of the greatest days of your life!” I liked it, but I wasn’t completely in love with it. Then, as I was deciding to just bring the Sharpie with me and figure it out while I drove, it hit me: victory lap. Perfect! (See why here.) Here’s what I came up with:

I finished packing my little backpack with my huge brass cowbell (that you can sort of see on the left there — I stuffed it with a towel so it wouldn’t wake anyone up), which I think was actually worn by a cow originally. Not totally sure it’s a legit cowbell, but I bought it at a thrift store a few years ago and it looks well-used.

The plan was to go to Mile 3.7 and then move somewhere else. I don’t know the area around Mile 3.7 at all. I looked at the map before I left and the just sort of “used the Force” and found it! I parked about a half-mile away and walked with my “You Rock!” heart balloon, bright pink poster and my backpack containing the heavy bell. I didn’t see anyone else walking there so I got worried I was in the wrong area.

But soon I heard music and knew I was in the right area. I got there at about 7:05 and decided to stand on the corner at the top of a hill.

Just past me, some sort of junior or high school cheerleading troupe was warming up.

I quickly snapped a photo of myself for blogging purposes. No makeup; not enough sleep. Yikes. I would have to pay extra for those things at the airport.

I knew the elite runners would be there shortly, and less than 10 minutes later, up the hill they came!

I don’t know what my problem was, but I started crying. Luckily nobody was looking at me and there weren’t a whole lot of people spectating (other than the cheerleaders and their crew behind me) where I was stationed.

I rang my cowbell and cheered, but it felt awkward since there were like 5 runners and nobody else was saying anything. Except I think maybe the cheerleaders were chanting something. Soon, though, came the big wave of runners! I just started shaking that bell in my left hand. I held the sign with my right hand (the balloon was clipped to it), and my huge camera hung around my neck.

The race was thick! There were so many runners and I had so much fun cheering for them after I warmed up a little. I yelled, “Lookin’ good!” and “You guys rock!” and “Lookin’ strong!” and “You can do it!” and “Have fun out there!” and “Woohoo! No Rain!” I heard lots of runners read my sign out loud and then say, “I like that.” A few didn’t get it. A handfull of runners stopped to take my picture. That surprised me.

I had a couple runners who recognized me, but I didn’t recognize them in their running gear, so I’m sorry if that was you! It was hard because you all were running by so fast! I think someone even ran by me and said, “Mom vs. Marathon!” Not sure, though, because my bell had deafened me a little. Once, I heard someone yell my name and it was a former co-worker of mine. That was pretty exciting since I didn’t know she was running.

Soon, it occurred to me that I didn’t know what any of my friends (except Zoë) would be wearing. I worried I wouldn’t see any of them. But then I spotted someone waving her arms and speeding up the hill. It was Amanda! I dropped my sign and picked up my camera, but I think I kept shaking my bell…

After she ran by, I was excited and even more amped. I shook my cowbell like crazy. I wondered how long it would be till one of the nearby homeowners ran out of their house, ripped the bell out of my hand and punched me in the face. I was loud.

Next up, the pink ladies! Mel, Amanda numero 2 and Marlene! You can see Amanda waving like mad below in the pink right in the middle of the photo.

Next, I saw Lorian! Well, she saw me first and I grabbed my camera. Got her!

Not long after that, Zoë and Kasey almost zoomed past me. But I saw them!

Then it was Jill‘s turn. I almost missed her, too, but she saw me. Her first marathon. My eyes got blurry. So proud of my running buddy!

After I saw Jill, I was planning to pack up and move to Mile 12 of the half/14 of the full. But I didn’t. Why? 1) I didn’t know where I was going and had no time to waste getting lost; 2) I wasn’t really sure of the race math at this point and was not convinced I’d see anyone; 3) I had to leave at 10 and was not sure that would be enough time to drive, park and cheer; and 4) I felt bad abandoning all those runners coming up the hill at me.

So many of them smiled at me and said thanks. I heard lots of, “Need more cowbell!” They laughed at my, “No rain!” cheer. How could I leave them? There were no breaks. It was a consistent solid street filled with runners of all speeds, shapes and sizes. I could not sneak away. I did not want to be that person that was like, “All right. Saw my friends. See ya.” I felt like it was rude.

Here is one of the lovely ladies I didn’t recognize! (Thanks for leaving me a comment!)

Hi Talitha! So glad I got to see you!

So I stayed there on the corner, much to the chagrin of the homeowners, I’m sure. I switched hands with my bell around 8 since my left wrist was getting tight, and my thumb and index finger felt numb. My bell was even annoying me, but the runners seemed to like it. I regretted not bringing a water bottle with me. My throat was scratchy. My head pounded. But all I had to do was think of the runners and any little annoying spectator “injuries” didn’t seem like a big deal.

I’m so glad I stayed, too, because I got to see my friend and running buddy, Heather! I wondered if I’d see her and I did! Heather helped me train for my first 10K and my first half. She is an inspiration to me!

I wanted to hug her, but my hands were full and my camerawoman instincts took over.

Around 9 a.m., after two hours of cheering, the runners and walkers started to thin out. A man from the neighborhood came up to me. “Is that you makin’ all that noise?” he laughed. At least he didn’t punch my lights out.

I packed it up at 9:30. I didn’t wait for the last racer. I should have, but the neighborhood man just kept chatting with me, making it impossible to cheer anyway. Plus, I was pretty hoarse by then. And I had a bell injury on the top knuckle of my index finger: a nasty, bruised and skinned raw spot.

Totally worth it, though. I loved being a spectator and hope I can do it again! I’d want to be a volunteer, too. Of course, I’d like to be in the race, but we can’t run ’em all, can we?

Day 335-340: Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Carbo Load/Bloggy Meet Up

I am so far behind on my daily updates. Not too exciting when you’re in the gym. But in the interest of sticking to my format, here ya go:

DAY 335
I have to say, Mr. T definitely wins when it comes to making the spouse/parent feel special on their holiday. Granted, Mother’s Day is within a few days of our anniversary, so that might be part of it (maybe?), but I definitely felt like I didn’t deliver on Father’s Day.

I had good intentions. I wanted to make a special breakfast and I bought all the ingredients ahead of time. Saturday night, we sat around doing nothing. Sunday, I got up early to make the sweet dessert-like breakfast and found out I was supposed to make it the night before and let the dough rise overnight. Fail.

So, I got out the Krusteaz pumpkin bread mix and made muffins instead. T Junior’s card was one of those voice-recordable deals, which Mr. T loved on his birthday. That was a win. The dogs got “dad” a card, too, that had “I got you something for Father’s Day” on the front and inside, it read: “It’s in the yard.” Hehehehe.

But Mr. T did get to have his favorite food for lunch/dinner. We went to a Korean buffet place that is in a former strip club. I know. I guess it doesn’t get much better than that for a dude. From the outside, you could tell what it used to be since there are not windows. But inside, it had been completely redone – no stage or pole or anything like that.

The food was really good and Mr. T had a great time barbecuing short ribs and other various meats right at our table. I even tried barbecued squid (not bad actually, if you can get over the chewy texture). T Junior tried Jell-O for the first time and loved it.

Then we went to one of Mr. T’s favorite places to shop (next to Fry’s Electronics): H-Mart. It’s a Korean grocery store. Of course, you may be wondering why Mr. T, who is of Scottish and Croatian decent, likes Korean food so much. His best friend is Korean and, when they were growing up, Mr. T ate at his house often.

But there was something in that Korean BBQ we ate because we were all extremely tired shortly afterward. I don’t think I’ve been that tired since I was pregnant. For real. Mr. T took a nap and I think I folded laundry and blogged. I can’t remember. That’s how tired I was.

DAY 336
Monday I wasn’t planning on getting up as early as 5:30, but I had to if I wanted to work out. In the future I plan on swimming or pool running on Monday mornings, but I couldn’t do that because the pool doesn’t open early enough. I had to be back because Mr. T had an early dentist appointment.

I wanted you all to pick my workout for me (I couldn’t decide), but I only got a few responses and the votes were pretty much a tie. I chose the elliptical. I figured, if I’m going to get over my fear of ski poles flying at my face, then I might as well just do it.

I only had 40 minutes. I wore my pink plaid Running Skirt over my gray capris. Huge mistake. I think I sweat more on the elliptical than I do on the bike. Oh my goodness. I was dripping all over the place. Thank goodness I had a towel.

I alternated between hanging on for dear life with the “ski poles” and the center handles. I felt discombobulated while holding those poles, but I made it the full 40 minutes on Level 3-Random, plus a 5-minute cooldown, and burned a whole bunch of calories.

I learned the elliptical is a lot like running in that I could not watch and listen the soccer game that was on (Portugal killing North Korea in a game that ended 7-0). I needed music. Fast music. Like Ke$ha and Pink. I needed my 18-miler playlist! I unplugged from the attached TV audio and turned on my tunes. Much better! Unfortunately, I continued to watch the slaughter. I felt bad for North Korea, but hey, whaddayagonnado?

At home, I did Dimity’s Core Workout, but I had to revise it because of the stress fracture. Instead of squats and lunges, I did leg lifts and kick-backs.

2×25 crunches on the ball
2×15 pushups on the ball
2×20 leg lifts (each leg)
2×30-second planks
2×10 tricep dips
2×15 back extensions on the ball
2×20 kick-backs
2×30 oblique twists

Then I showered, got T Junior dressed and we went to get his 2-year-old shots, then to Costco, then to the grocery store. We were home by 11:30 a.m. He ate lunch and went down for a nap.

It was nice to have free time in the afternoon, having completed all of our errands in the morning. Then, we had to get ready for T Junior’s first swimming lesson at 6.

I think I may be more excited about swimming lessons than he is, but he had fun. He was mad at me for making him go under the water, though, and both times when we resurfaced, he exclaimed, “Mama! Mama!” as in, “What the heck did you do that for?”

Elliptical Stats:
4 miles in 41 minutes, Level 3 – Random, plus a 5-minute cooldown and stretching

DAY 337
Tuesday’s a workday for me, so I have to get up early to exercise. I got to the gym around 5:20 – about 20 minutes later than I wanted to. I’m so slow in the mornings. I wanted to ride the recumbent bike for an hour, but would only have about half that time.

I love the bike for the sole reason I can read while on it. But I was sad when I finished Run Like a Mother. I really enjoyed it, and will write up a review soon (I also will write a review for The Ultimate Runner, which I also liked – so many good running books lately!).

That night, I brainstormed an idea for nametags for the gigantic group of bloggers that would be at the carbo load dinner Friday night for Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Bike Stats:
8.34 miles in 30 minutes – 16.7mph pace, plus a 5-minute/1-mile cooldown and stretching

DAY 338
I was excited to hit the elliptical again on Wednesday. This time, I wore my Running Skirt without the capris so I was not as hot as Monday. And, I found my new favorite machine. It’s right under the ceiling fan. Yes! I listened to my fast-paced 18-miler playlist again. It really helps on the elliptical.

On Tuesday, a co-worker told me about some elliptical intervals she did with her personal trainer – hold on to the middle handle and squat/sit down for one minute while continuing to go at whatever pace you were at previously. Then three minutes normal, then one minute squat. Keep repeating that.

I forgot to start the intervals until 15 minutes into my workout. I did it for a full minute about four times, and then I had to make it 30 seconds. It was physically impossible for me to hold it any more than that. My quads burned and shook and people probably thought I was nuts.

Elliptical Stats:
3.94 miles in 40 minutes, plus a 5-minute cooldown and stretching

T Junior has swim lessons Wednesday night, too, so I got home, let out the dogs and then we got our swimsuits on, put the poor dogs away again, and left for the pool. T Junior is as stiff as a board in the pool. He locks his arms around my neck and will not let go. Don’t worry, I pry him off and make him try the things the teacher has us do: flutter kicks, floating on
his back, going under the water, etc.

I worry about him a little, though, because he shivers the entire time and gets purple lips. I tell him to kick, kick, kick and loosen up so he will warm up, but he doesn’t understand.

Back at home, we still had to have dinner and I had to put him to bed, feed dogs, get my gym and work clothes all picked out and organized, and I needed to work on those nametags and download some new tunes, too. I’ve been so busy lately. I really am finding it hard to fit blogging in (see this post here for all my excuses).

The nametags were giving me crap. For some reason, my template got all screwy. I finally gave up. I would have to start over and do it all in one sitting. Then, the site where I get music was down. Argh. I gave up on that, too, and went to bed, which is when I realized I forgot to do my core routine. Oh well. Tomorrow.

Since I finished my other two running books, I picked up Born to Run. I am loving it! The author writes exactly the way I like: as if he’s standing in front of me telling me what happened. Plus, it’s about my favorite subject. I expect to fly through the book. But I had to put it down a few minutes later because I needed to get some sleep. I needed to be back at the gym in less than six hours.

DAY 339
My alarm clock went off at 4:10. I got up, reset it to 5 (which is what time I get up for work when I don’t go to the gym), then went to the restroom and back to bed. I knew I needed to sleep. I was more than tired.

But I didn’t fall back asleep. I was still awake at 4:35. Screw it. I got up and went to the gym. I chose the elliptical because I feel like this is the closest to running I’m going to get outside of pool running. Plus, I burn more calories on it than on the bike.

My new favorite machine was occupado, though, so I had to take one in front of the mirror. Thank GOODNESS there was a TV attached, so I didn’t have to stare at myself. That would’ve gotten old real quick. Once again, I did those torturous squat drills.

I only had 30 minutes, but I burned 400 calories according to the machine. Yay!

Elliptical Stats:
I forgot to note my mileage on DailyMile, so I have not idea how far I went. Probably about 4 miles. 35 minutes, plus a 5-minute cooldown and stretching.

DAY 340
Friday I was going to go to the pool to run. I got my bathing suit and towel ready the night before. But that morning, as I was getting ready to go, I remembered that the carbo load dinner was coming up and I needed to burn lots of calories in preparation to EAT! So, I opted for the elliptical again.

I got my new Running Skirt on Thursday! I wanted to wear it, but I hadn’t shaved. So I put on capris. But I was feeling self-conscious, so I slipped my skirt over the top knowing I’d be hot. Oh well. I love my new camo skirt!

I was happy my favorite machine was open. I did not do the crazy squat intervals this time since I felt a little soreness in my shin area on Thursday. I upped the machine to Level 4, though.

Elliptical stats:
4 miles in 40 minutes, plus a 5-minute cooldown and stretching

Once home, I did my revised version of Dimity’s Core Workout:
2×30 crunches on the ball
2×15 pushups on ball
2×30-sec. planks
2×20 leg lifts (each leg)
2×10 tricep dips
2×20 kickbacks (each leg)
2×30 oblique twists on the ball (I am already seeing the results of these, by the way.)

After showering and getting T Junior ready for the day, we set out to do our errands: print nametags and get new shoes for him.

The nametags turned out pretty nice. Here’s sort of what they looked like:

I guess they were decent nametags because some dude with a Scottish accent came up to me and Mel at the Spaghetti Factory that night and asked if were with the Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon. Haha!

After getting those printed on some sticky paper, me and T Junior went to find him some shoes. He really needs sandals and a new pair of sneakers. No luck on sandals, but he got some running shoes. Yes, running shoes.

They are Nikes and I had to get them because he wouldn’t try anything else on. I made the mistake of reading the name of the shoes outloud (running shoes) because I thought it was cute. That’s all T Junior wanted: running shoes. And he ran and ran and ran in them in the store.

That evening, me and T Junior picked up Zoë and we drove up to Issaquah to drop him off with Mr. T. And T Junior demonstrated how fast he could run in his new shoes for Zoë. Then me and Zoë made our way to the Spaghetti Factory in downtown Seattle for the big bloggy meet up. It was so fun! Everyone is just so funny and nice and inspiring! Here are some pictures from the night:

Blonde Mom and Tall Mom (hahaha!)

Me and Jill

Back row: Sarah’s brother, Sarah, Amanda, Harmony, Mel, Kasey, Zoë
Front: Jill and Stacie

Lorian — all the way from Texas!

Amanda and Jill

Kasey, Zoë and me

Amanda, Zoë, me, Genesis and her friend Jordan

Zoë, Goober and Mel

What Jill was doing:

What I was doing:

What everyone was doing!

Here are the group shots again, in case you missed them:
Back row: Genesis, Amanda, Amanda, Stacie, Kasey, Mel, Lorian, Marlene
Front row: Harmony, Zoë, me, Jill, Sarah, Steph and Jordan
COMING UP: Spectator Recap Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon

Seattle Rock 'N' Roll: Spectator Preview

I had such an amazing time today cheering on all my buddies at Mile 3.7. Yeah, it was early on in the race, but I was at the top of the hill and I had a huge cowbell. Seriously. A real one. Not a dinky freebie. A real cowbell I found a long time ago in a thrift store.

Anyway, I reeeeaaaaallllly want to post the pictures of all my buddies in action, but I don’t want to steal their race recap thunder, so I’ve sent them all their pictures and I will write my “spectator recap” tomorrow.

Meantime, here’s what I decided to write on my sign.

(Sorry, you’ll have to read it sideways.
Something is wrong with this photo and, for the
life of me, I can’t get it to import horizontal. Ugh.)

Congrats to everyone. So proud of you!

BIG Bloggy Meet-Up Dinner: Seattle Rock 'N' Roll

I will have to post later about dinner because it is late and I still need to make my sign for the race tomorrow, but I wanted to put up a couple of group pictures. I had so much fun meeting everyone in person! So cool! Running bloggers from across the U.S. — Texas, Florida, Ohio — and even one from Canada met up for a carbo load dinner, organized beautifully by Mel, of course!

Beauty shot:

Goofy shot:

Good luck tomorrow, ladies!

Seattle Rock 'N' Roll

I’m super excited. Tonight is a massive meet-up of running bloggers from near and far. I made some cool nametags since we don’t all know each other. I’m picking up Zoe this evening and we are dropping of T Junior with Mr. T.

Tomorrow morning, I was planning to rise early and be the Bloggy Wrangler before the race starts at 7. But in looking at the race info, I don’t think that’s going to be possible. There is no parking at the start since it’s a point-to-point race, and I don’t know the area. I’m not sure I can find random street parking that’s safe.


So, I may go to the first spectator spot at Mile 3.7, then try for 6.8. After that, I am going to have to wing it. I want to meet Veronica (Navy Wife and a Running Fool) around Mile 12 (half)/14 (full), but it’s downtown, so it’ll depend on the parking situation. Also, I need to be home around 10:30.

I thought about bringing my bike, but I’m not brave enough for that.

Either way, I’ll be out there somewhere with my camera. I will be wearing a bright pink shirt and black capri pants (I think — depending on the weather), and I will a red and pink heart balloon that says “You Rock.” My sign is bright pink, too.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!