Days 195-197: Dinner Salad, New Shoes and Target Practice

DAY 195
Thank goodness for rest days. I was so sore on Thursday from my 15-minute lunge/chat with sister session the night before. I hurt so bad that I even avoided the stairs at work, choosing to fill up my water bottle in the sink rather than the filtered cooler on the first floor. That’s why I posted this.

That night, I went to dinner with a couple of good friends. I ordered a hamburger, but was very happy with myself when I substituted a dinner salad for the fries. I was even more proud of myself for cutting the burger in half and only eating one of them. I did steal a couple of T Junior’s fries, but just a couple. I swear!

DAY 196
I was so tired on Thursday night. I knew I needed a good night’s sleep, so I didn’t set my alarm clock for an early run. I only needed to do 3 miles, so I decided I could deal with pushing the BOB.

It was nice to get up at 7:30, have coffee and relax. (I forgot I’m supposed to be posting my weight on Fridays — goals — so here you go: 176, down .8 from last week.) My legs still hurt from Wednesday’s lunges, though. After T Junior had breakfast, we went Road Runner Sports and I exchanged my New Balances for Sauconys (AGAIN!). This time, I got the ones with more arch support: Saucony Hurricane 11s.

I took my NBs back because I still had foot pain from MONDAY’s run. That’s not right. Not to mention, I had really sore ankles after running in them. I’ve never had soreness like I had after Monday’s run. Something wasn’t right. So I took them back.

It was difficult trying on shoes with T Junior running around the store, doing his high-knee arm-flailing routine, and shouting, “Ex-Er-Cise!” When he got on one of the treadmills, I had to run with one untied shoe on and one sock to remove him. I was really sweaty and frazzled when we left.

I texted Mel and Zoë to tell them that I got new shoes again. Zoë said, “But third time’s the charm!”

Man, I hope so, I thought.

I had been promising T Junior a trip to the pool all morning. At 11:30, we got home and changed into swim gear — not easy with a toddler. We managed to get back in the car about 25 minutes later. I was working fast because public swim begins at noon. Then, we drove to the pool (about 10 minutes).

Excited to go swimming in January.

I got my kid out of his carseat, we walked up to the door and saw the orange note: “Pool closed at 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 29 for diving meet.”

I tried to keep my cool, but I was fuming inside. I’d even checked the pool’s Web site that morning just to make sure it would be open. T Junior cried and cried as I buckled him back in his car seat. His tears made me want to cry, too, and I’m surprised I didn’t sit down in the parking lot and bawl my eyes out.

We made it home, had lunch and then T Junior took an extremely long nap. I’m talking 1:30-4:15. Crazy! I was walking around in my running clothes for hours. He woke up in a good mood. I’d prepared all of the BOB necesseties while he was sleeping, so we were ready to roll.

New BOB organizer. LOVE it!

I just took the trail by my house even after Monday’s tough run. Today, was different. I couldn’t slow down! I knew I was going fast. The way out on the trail is slightly downhill, which is why I couldn’t speed up on the way back — slightly uphill. Ugh. But my new shoes felt good!

T Junior enjoying his “yeeyos” (Cheerios).

1/29/10 – 3.03 Miles – 31:42
Average pace: 10:28
Mile 1: 9:56
Mile 2: 10:10
Mile 3: 11:19
.03: 9:45

DAY 197
My alarm clock went off at 6:20 on Saturday morning. I popped right out of bed. I was excited to be a “Ninja Bandit” with Zoë at Mel’s Fleet Feet training group run. (Read Zoë’s recap here.) Unfortunately, my quick start didn’t help me get to Zoë’s house on time. I was almost 10 minutes late!

This meant that we were just getting out of the car when the group took off. Poor Zoë had to sprint for a couple of miles to catch up with Mel. I was still hooking up my Zune and adjusting my fuel belt as I got started. The two Speedy McSpeedersons were doing 11. I decided to do 10. That way they wouldn’t have to wait too long for me to finish.

The paved trail left town and wound between some cow pastures. Stinky! But then it hugged the edge of a beautiful river. It was raining ever-so-slightly and misty outside. Typical Northwest weather, but I like it. I was wearing my black Brooks pants, new Champion stay-dry fleece with my stay-cool Moeben arm sleeves underneath and my new flourescent green tank that I bought for running in the Secret Gym. I had on my Amphipod fuel belt with one bottle filled and with orange sports beans stored. Oh and of course, the new Sauconys.

At Mile 3, I felt sluggish and I had 4 beans and some water. It helped. Then, I got hot. I peeled off my arm sleeves and tied them to my belt. Next, a long hill. Yikes. But I was happy about the hill because I’m sure we’re going to see plenty of them at Mercer Island. And at NODM. On the way down, I couldn’t help thinking that I was going to have to run up it again. I chatted with another runner from 4.5-5 miles. She stopped at a water station while I turned around.

Around Mile 6, I thought I heard Mel’s voice behind me. I turned and saw Mel, Zoë and another FAST runner, Janna.

“Don’t pass me!” I yelled over my shoulder and I unzipped the pocket on my fuel belt to retrieve my phone. They laughed. I held up my cell. “Gonna sprint up!”

I sped up, then stopped, turned and SNAP. Got ’em.

Janna, Zoë and M
Then they passed me. I took 4 more beans and some more water. Then, up the hill.
There were a lot of people on the trail and it really helped keep me going. Target Practice. My cross country coach used to tell us to imagine a target on the back of the person in front of us. It’s a good trick.
I definitely ran faster on the way back using Target Practice. I never walked. Not even to eat my beans and drink my water. My shoes felt pretty good until about Mile 7-Mile 8. Blisters. Perhaps, it’s a sock problem.
After the run, we took our picture and Zoë gave us gifts! She had a running skirt for me and this cool little device that holds your purse for when you’re eating out. Thanks Zoë!
Mel, Zoë and me
Later in the day, my pinky toenail hurt. What the heck?
1/30/10 – 10 Miles – 1:45:46
Average pace: 10:34
Mile 1: 10:07 (Yikes! I knew I needed to slow down.)
Mile 2: 11:10
Mile 3: 11:05
Mile 4: 11:10
Mile 5: 10:42
Mile 6: 10:38
Mile 7: 10:03
Mile 8: 9:55 (woohoo!)
Mile 9: 10:21
Mile 10: 10:25


Well, it’s done. I did it. There’s no turning back now.

Maybe I should be committed. You know, to a facility or something. I’m crazy.

Training for NODM doesn’t officially start till Sunday since I’m doing long-run Saturdays, but as it turns out, I’m doing 10 this Saturday as a “ninja bandit” anyway with Mel and Zoë to get reading for the Million Inch Run. My training plan is over on the right side of the page. I’m looking forward to crossing off the weeks!

I also want to say THANK YOU to all of my new Virtual Running Buddies. Thanks for the follow and for entering my Yoga Bag giveaway. If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time! Also, before you go, check out the great giveaways up at the top, right of my site. Marlene is giving away a gift certificate to Lift Your Sole, Zoë has TWO gorgeous Michael Kors bags to give away, Tricia‘s giving away a Nathan hydration belt and Katye has a BIG giveaway fund-raiser with all the proceeds going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Check ’em out!

Days 191-194: Making the BIG Decision

Me, T Junior, Kris & Siena…after our run.

DAY 191
I took it easy on Sunday. My feet, ankles and behind were sore from Saturday. I’ve never had sore ankles before. What causes that exactly? Please don’t say shoes.

DAY 192
I didn’t feel good due to girl stuff Sunday night and I wasn’t any better on Monday morning. In fact, I woke up at 4:23 and never could fall back asleep. I tried for an hour and then gave up. I didn’t feel good enough to go running so instead I moped in front of my laptop. I typed up a woe-is-me post about writing, but I’ll never publish it.

I did a little public whining on DailyMile and Facebook. Luckily, my friend Kris (Sleepless with Siena) offered to run with me later in the day. This lifted my spirits! (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kris!) I had not seen her (in person) in a very long time, and I also wanted to meet her daughter, who is just 6 months younger than my son. We decided to meet after naps.

That morning, I took T Junior (20 months) to his first Story Time at the local library. We’ve never been because it was always during his first nap. Now, he only needs one nap a day. Story Time was in a large meeting room. All the tables and chairs were removed so there would be space for all of the parents and kids to sit on the floor. When we came in, there were already three moms there with their children.

They sat cross-legged on the carpet with their shy toddlers in their laps. (Oxymoron?) Shadows from Evergreen-filtered sunshine made the setting peaceful. I sat down, but my kid did not join me. He was too busy circling the perimeter, pointing out each “dowa” (door) and telling us whether or not it was “ope-n” or “cosed.” Then he took full advantage of the big, empty space and ran and ran, criss-crossing the room, and nearly colliding with the other mommies while doing a funny high-step gait and yelling “Ex-Er-Cize!” He likes to put a lot of emphasis on each syllable.

We got home in time for lunch and a nap.

Kris and Siena arrived around 4:15 for our run. It was so nice of her to come to us. I was so discombobulated on Monday. We put the kiddos in their jogging strollers and stashed the rain covers. It had been sunny most of the day, but of course, it turned overcast and looked like rain as we set out on the trail next to my house. We started too fast.

Well, I started too fast. Kris is a stronger runner than I am. And pushing the stroller across the dirt and gravel trail was more difficult than I remembered. It’s been a while. The first 2.5 miles were decent and the kids were angels in their BOBs. Then we turned around.

The kids were still being good, but I thought I was going to die on the second 2.5 miles. Yet, somehow, I managed to talk most of the time (like son, like mother). I paused every now and then to let Kris say a few things. We chatted about marathons. Her first was the North Olympic Discovery Marathon, the one I’m hoping to run in early June. Or am I?

One of the reasons I picked that marathon is because the entry fee is much cheaper than the Seattle Rock & Roll race as long as I enter before Jan. 31st. But I got to thinking the other day: Even though the peninsula isn’t that far, it’s far enough.

It’s far enough that we’d need to get a hotel room. It’s a couple hours away. Originally, I was thinking we’d have a shiny new RV (which we are getting mainly for dog showing) by then, but now, I’m not so sure.

Kris and I ran and discussed this. She told me I may be alone quite a bit on the course at the NODM, but the scenery is beautiful (ocean and rainforest — it’s in Twilight country), and some of it is on trails. The Seattle race will be crowded, on city streets and probably hot. As far as scenery, it can’t compete, but there will be a lot more spectators. I was so confused.

Either way, I have to figure out my shoe situation. Should the little toes on my right foot be in pain while I’m running?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. I wonder if I need high-arch shoes. Should I go back to Road Runner again?

1/25/10 – 5 Miles – 55:33
Average pace: 11:05
Mile 1: 10:19
Mile 2: 10:24
Mile 3: 10:57
Mile 4: 11:43
Mile 5: 12:02

DAY 193
I didn’t have to worry about the shoe situation on Tuesday because it was time for cross training on my lunch hour!

I opted for the stationary bike and set it on “random” (on the lowest level, thank you very much). I pedalled as hard as I could all 30 minutes, which turned out to be 10.1 miles. I don’t hate the bike anymore.

In fact, I kind of like it. My favorite part about it is that I get to read while I’m working out! (This is why I posted this yesterday.)

DAY 194
Can’t read while doing crunches on Mr. Bouncy, though. T Junior kept me company as I struggled to do 50. But what do I expect when I haven’t done crunches since before Christmas? How did I space on strength training so bad?

My sister called right when I was about to start lunges, so I just did them while we chatted on the phone. It was kind of nice. Took my mind off of them. Except I can’t count and carry on a conversation at the same time, so I’m not sure how many I did. I think 15 minutes of lunges maybe.

Can you say jelly legs?

Thursday is supposed to be a rest day, but I’m going to have to do my arm workout because I didn’t get it in tonight. First, though, I have dinner with friends scheduled. Yay! Friday morning, I will drag myself out of bed for a 3-miler. And, then Saturday. Oh, Saturday. Long run. I may head over to Tall Mom’s neck of the woods and be a training bandit with Zoë. Well, not exactly with them because they are super fast, but I may see them at the beginning and the end. Also, Saturday is the day before my real training starts for NODM.

Because, yes, I am choosing NODM. Me and Mr. T talked about it and that will be it. My first marathon.

Are Marathoners Mean?

Have you ever made fun of an overweight person?

Tuesday, on the stationary bike in the Secret Gym, I continued reading my “fun” book, Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster (pictured in the black and white photo on the right). I’m laughing out loud, smiling and gasping at the events in this book, which the author says is a memoir, but that she’s “taken a few liberties for the purpose of moving the story forward.”

There’s a point in the book, when Jen admits she’s gained a “few” pounds. And, by a few, she means 50. I don’t know where she was starting from or how tall she is, but she does allude to a Size 14.

I’ve gained 50 pounds before, and I’m not talking about when I was pregnant because I gained waaaaay more than 50 then.

In college, I didn’t have to work hard to fit into my faded Size 9 Calvin Kleins because a) I walked everywhere on campus and WSU is hilly, b) I had access to healthy eating choices (lots of salad) at the dining center, and c) I played intramural soccer and I took advanced soccer for credit. (I loved that class! All we did was scrimmage and we got to play on the football field in Martin Stadium. I got some pretty bad turf burns on my knees and elbows, though.)

A few weeks after college ended, my real-world job as a copy editor for a daily newspaper began. I worked in the newsroom. All that movement I had in my life disappeared overnight. Suddenly, I was sitting at a computer all day and eating fast food for lunch…at my desk.

There was a small workout facility, about the size of the Secret Gym, in my apartment building, but I’d never “worked out” before. I’d only played sports. I felt like a fool with all that equipment and no idea what to do with it. And, oh yeah, I had to cook for myself. I made $10 an hour. I remember one week, I bought a loaf of French bread at the QFC and I just had some of that for dinner each night. I paired it with a cheap red. This was before my roommate graduated from cop school and moved in. Obviously, this was a low-point for me.

So I know how Jen felt when she gained a “few” pounds.

But there’s a situation that happens in her book that floored me. It has to do with the Chicago Marathon. A friend from out-of-town asks her to go to the expo and pick up her husband’s race packet. In an e-mail, her friend tells her what to do. Jen responds:

“4:50 p.m. from allaboutjen: I can’t believe anyone would voluntarily run 26 miles. Sometimes I sit on the couch cross-legged because I don’t feel like walking to the bathroom.”

Okay, that made me laugh! Then, at the expo:

“All of a sudden it hits me…This is a health and fitness fair…AND I AM THE ONLY FAT PERSON HERE.

“I break into a cold sweat, as it dawns on me that everyone else in this building is planning to run 26.2 miles on Sunday…which means these people never perspire while eating dinner. Or have to stop for a breather when climbing the stairs. They use their exercise bikes for exercise and not just to dry hand-knit sweaters and – HOLY CRAP! – they’re looking at me wondering how on earth I’m going to complete this race!

And a little later:

“With each step I take, I feel cellulite blossoming on my arms, my stomach, and my calves. Stop it! I think my chin just multiplied and my thighs inflated. No! Deflate! Deflate!

She keeps going, and I had to smile because I’ve been there. When she picks up the race packet for her friend’s husband, the person hands it to her and says, “This isn’t for you, is it?” She has a snappy retort. But, okay, the person may have just been referring to the fact that the packet said “Peter” on it.

But then, she’s deeper into the fair when a woman turns to another woman and says, “I thought this was a fitness fair, not Lane Bryant,” and Jen reaches her breaking point. She gets in the woman’s face and throws it right back to her because that’s who she is and it’s part of what makes the book so good.

But really? Did this really happen? Did someone actually say that?

I’m still 30-40 pounds heavier than I should be or want to be. I’m in decent shape, but I don’t have the body of the stereotypical marathoner. Not even close. Then again, my full marathon training doesn’t start till this weekend.

Am I getting made fun of when I’m out running? I don’t mean by the people at the stoplight sipping their grande mocha as they peer over the wheel of their Mercedes SUV. I’m talking about by other runners.

When I was in the crowd at the starting line at the Seattle Half in my skimpy tights that show every dimple and jiggle, and clingy shirt revealing my Jell-O tummy, was there a marathoner nearby snickering about my belly overhang?

Man. I hope not. I certainly can’t imagine any of you doing that. It just doesn’t seem like the kind of community I think we have here. I hope that was just a couple of bad apples.

What do you think about this? Has anything like what happened to Jen, happened to you? Have you witnessed behavior like this?

Day 188-190: Overeating, Barking Dogs and Lake Views

DAY 188
Thursday is a rest day. Normally, I do a volunteer service over the phone on my lunch hour, but I had to cancel because we had a department thing scheduled at Red Lobster. Crab Week, I heard was the reason. I ordered Beer Battered Fish and Chips and took a little bit of grief for it. It seemed a safe bet. I’m not a seafood fan, unless it’s extremely fresh and well-made and, no offense if you are a RL fan, I didn’t feel like chewing on lobster that is the same consistency as medical tubing.

When my Beer Battered Fish and Chips were finally dropped in front of me, I noticed the breading looked a lot like Shake ‘N’ Bake and the fries like the generic brand I sometimes buy from the freezer section at Safeway. Did that stop me from eating the entire thing?

Nope. Besides, I had a lemon slice and a side of tartar to cover it all up with. And I threw in a few of those, surprisingly yummy but extremely salty, cheese rolls for good measure. Of course, my tongue felt like a dried up sponge later and I wanted to crawl under my desk and take a nap Costanza-style.

The day of gorging gets worse, folks.

Mr. T called on his way home from work and when I announced that he could have leftover stew for dinner because I had a big lunch (understatement of the week), he was disappointed. Turns out he had exactly the opposite kind of eating day. But he said he’d figure something out.

A few minutes later, I was on the phone with a friend and I had a genious idea! “What are you guys having for dinner?”

We agreed to meet at Red Robin because it’s loud enough for kids and it’s close. My plan was: salad (but not one of those giant ones; I was thinking house).

Well, one soup (French onion smothered in cheese) and salad (with ranch dressing) combo later…

I know what you’re saying, Okay, that’s where it ends, though. No biggie.

Oh no! When I sabotage my diet, I go all the way! I had a vanilla Skinny Cow in a bowl with…

wait for it…

a teaspoon of strawberry jelly. At least it was the low sugar kind.

DAY 189
Up in the dark again to go running before everyone wakes. First, I had to weigh myself. I did the walk of shame from the master to the guest bath and stood on the scale. Up 2.8 pounds from my lowest weight in a long time (which was 173). I should not have been surprised, but I was hoping that my good eating behavior everyday except fall-off-the-wagon Thursday would swoop in and save me. And I ran three miles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Curses!

Downstairs, I put on a couple of the things that Champion sent me: their Double Dry Compression Vented Sports Bra (which I love, full review coming later this week), and the Double Dry Body Balance shirt (which I ALSO love, and again, full review to come).

Not robbing a bank. I promise.

I started a little later than normal, 7. I did the loop that goes out of my neighborhood and through the center of town. It’s about 1.5 miles, so two loops is about three (just thought I’d help ya out in case you are as bad at math as I am).

Toward the end of the loop there’s a house on a corner that has a chain link fence around its back yard. The house has a lot of evergreen trees in the back yard. It’s hard to see in there, not that I want to. Just an observation. Anyway, they have a couple of dogs that run at the fence and bark at people. They are harmless. All bark. But it can give you a scare if you are not expecting it.

was expecting it, so I left the sidewalk and ran on the street when I went by. No dogs. Probably too early. They’re probably in the house sleeping.

On the second loop, I was hauling-a$$ in the middle of a fartlek on the sidewalk and approaching the fence. Just as I was about to turn the corner, the two big dogs charged. I was not expecting it.

“Oh sh*t!” I screamed and jumped off the sidewalk and into the street, but kept running, my heart beating wildly. I rounded the corner and there were three kids waiting for their school bus. Oops.

1/22/10 – 3 Miles – 30:48
Average pace: 10:15
Mile 1: 10:39
Mile 2: 10:07
Mile 3: 9:59

DAY 190
Saturday morning, I woke up dreaming about a race. Well, not the actual race. I was looking for the portable potties pre-race. When I came to, I realized my t-shirt was soaked in sweat. Then I realized I was up an hour and 15 minutes before my alarm clock was set to go off. I changed and went back to bed until 6:45.

After I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I remembered it was Saturday and that I could run in the afternoon if I wanted during T Junior’s nap. Duh! Why am I up so early?!

T Junior went to bed around 11 and I changed for my 8-miler. I had to dress for rain because it had been drizzling steadily since that morning. And it was cool, about 45. With my tights, I wore a new flourescent green sports tank top (that I bought Friday for treadmill running) and my black stay-cool Moeben arm sleeves under my light blue rain coat. I’m happy to report, this was the perfect combo for the conditions! I didn’t get too hot and I felt dry the entire run.

I ate 5 orange Sport Beans and some water before I left. This is a new ritual for me. It seems to give me a boost of energy so I can get off to a good start.

Before I left, I didn’t know where I was going. I just ran from my house and somehow ended up on the trail. But instead of continuing on the trail, I took a different path to the lake’s community lodge at the end of the lake.

I ran behind the lodge and toward the lake. I stopped to take a photo around Mile 2.

My normal trail is up by those houses you can see on the other side. I continued running around the lake, through the parking lot at a park. I stopped to use the bathroom. Back through the parking lot I passed a mom, dad and two kids with beach towels! I did a u-turn in the boat launch and then I went up a street I’d never been on before. I knew it must go around the lake because it ran parallel with it. I hoped it ended at the trail closer to my house. I took a few wrong turns before I found the correct street.
I finally knew I had the right road when I started up a monster hill. I knew because the trail I normally take (as I pointed out before) is way up there and I had been, well, way down here.
The hill was a hill with rolling hills within it. Does that make sense? It has to be the worst hill ever. But, I got an awesome photo at the top.

You can almost see the lodge and where I was lakeside when I took the first lake photo — waaaaay at the opposite end. Actually, my camera makes things look farther away than they actually are.
Anyway, the nice thing about hills is that they go down again. But then I had to go up some stairs to get back on the trail. That was at about Mile 4, and I realized I was going slower than I intended. I planned to stay around an 11-minute mile, but was actually running closer to 11:30s. I tried to pick it up a little bit, but I didn’t get closer to where I wanted to be till Mile 6. 
A round then, the balls of my feet began to ache, which I think is from crushed rock and debris on the trail. The insides of my ankles hurt, too, and I do not know why. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not the shoes. My legs were pretty worn out after the run. I think I need to go back to cross-training and strength mid-week. I think those extra treadmill runs may have worn my legs out a little. I’m guessing, though.
I was mostly blister-free, though, after Saturday’s run. I only had a couple little ones. I get them in between my toes on long runs. It’s not my shoes fault. To combat it, I recently learned I could put a no-chafe gel (I used Asics) in between my little piggies, but after about 7 miles, I guess it wears off. I wonder if Vaseline would work just as good, now that I think about it.
1/23/10 – 8.13 Miles – 1:31:22
Average pace: 11:14
Mile 1: 11:26
Mile 2: 11:24
Mile 3: 11:25
Mile 4: 11:44 (monster hill)
Mile 5: 11:27
Mile 6: 10:45
Mile 7: 11:06
Mile 8: 10:36
.13 miles: 10:45
I wore my Champion sports bra on my 8-miler and it was great. I’ll write a review this week. Today (Sunday), is a rest day and Mr. T is making red beans and rice for dinner in honor of the New Orleans Saints game. If they win, he’ll be making yummy cajun food for the Super Bowl. Go Saints! Monday morning, it’ll be back to the grind, with an early morning run, and I’m going to stick with my plan for cross and strength on Tuesday and Wednesday. And I will also focus on eating well this week. I will! I swear!

Modern Union Yoga Bag Giveaway

See this cute bag? It’s been hanging in my closet just waiting for me to use it.
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Anybody need a cute yoga bag?
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