Day 74: Losery Workout & a Sweet Deal

Luckily, that was a quick cold. I almost feel normal today.

I did my strength exercises tonight in front of The Biggest Loser. (What is with that Tracy character?) I’m getting better at pushups (36) and crunches (75), and noticed this evening that my back hasn’t been bothering me much at all lately. I think this core routine may be helping it. I even did lunges tonight: 22 on each leg.

For my lifting, I filled up a 1 liter bottle with water. I couldn’t find two matching cans of dog food in the pantry. I was going to lift the plastic canister of arborio, but it wasn’t completely full. That’s when I came up with the water bottle idea. I think I need to look into getting some hand weights.

In other news…Mr. T told me tonight that he is going to start running. I tried to get him to tell me when during the day he is going to do it, and he accused me of knocking him down. But that was not what I was trying to do at all. I just wanted him to have a plan; something realistic, something he can stick to. He says he does. I hope so because I’m already having visions of the two of us running with T Junior in the BOB.

And tomorrow…the plan is to run during my lunch hour. Wednesday’s schedule calls for a two-mile run or cross training. Since I missed Monday, I’m opting for the running. Hopefully, I won’t be too stinky afterward because Marty Stouffer may be visiting the office.

And earlier today…I got the best deal at Old Navy. Most of their running stuff is on clearance plus another 50% off of that! Dude! I was stoked. I got a half-zip track jacket in Blink Pink for like $6.50! Sweeeeeet! Iplan on wearing it tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how I like it.

Sick Again? Dude!

I know what the judges would say:
“You just have to push through it.”

My joints ache. My throat is throbbing. And my tongue feels as if it is twice its usual size.

Didn’t I just have this cold?

Last time I was sick, I wondered what other runners do when they fall ill. Do they run anyway? Do they do some other form of exercise?

I don’t need to ask this time. It is obvious that my body needs rest and water and tea and reruns of America’s Next Top Model.

Luckily, T Junior is in a pretty good mood, playing with his toys or asking me to read him books. My only real concern is that we are almost out of diapers and I’m not up for a trip to Sam’s Club. Mr. T may have to make an emergency stop at Target on his way home…

Day 72: New Shoes!!!

I got my new shoes last night. New Balance 737s in silver and purple.

I decided to go with New Balance since I loved my last pair. They were comfortable and lasted forever.

Today, I took my new pair on a 5-mile test run. They were great. My feet hurt a little bit afterward, but I think that was left over from yesterday’s 3-hour backpacking trek across the Puyallup Fairgrounds.

Me and T Junior ran with Heather and J on the paved trail in Renton. The fall weather was absolutely perfect for working out. Not so great when we first got there, though. It was co-old. I bundled T Junior up like the kid in The Christmas Story. J was all snug in his jogging stroller, too.

But it warmed up after we got on the trail. The sun was shining on us through the fluttering yellow leaves. It was warm and refreshing at the same time.

My only issue was my hips. After last Sunday’s 4.5-miler, I noticed they hurt. I wasn’t tired or out of breath; I could’ve ran all day, except for my sore hips. This week wasn’t as bad, but I did start to feel them around Mile 4.

Next week, is the Issaquah Salmon Days 10K. Heather and I agreed to not push the kiddos in the race because it’ll just be too long for them to be sitting in their strollers. So, it’ll just be Heather, me and my new shoes! (And, maybe some new clothes, too, thanks to my mom’s gift certificate to REI!)

Day 71: Birthday Workout

I didn’t do my 30-minutes of cross training today. At least, not officially.


But, we did go the the fair where we covered a lot of ground over nearly 3 hours. Oh, and I wore T Junior on my back. See, here we are with the random Storm Troopers:

T Junior wouldn’t look at the camera because he was
obsessed with the bad guys from
Star Wars.

Nevermind that the Krusty Pup, the scone wet with butter and raspberry jam, the beef and cheese piroshky, and the corn fritters dipped in honey butter probably canceled out all the walking we did, but hey, it’s my birthday! Everybody knows calories don’t count on your day of birth.

Day 70: This is Dumb

The beginning of my run: dark, cold, gloomy.

The end of my run: A big freaking hill.

After three straight days of waking up at 5, (I know, boo-hoo) I had my mind set on sleeping in till at least 7:15. But my plan was foiled by a dog having a sneezing attack two hours before that. At 5:30, I told myself if I wasn’t asleep by 6, then I would get up and go running and just get it over with.

And that’s what I ended up doing. I really wanted to sleep in, though, so I wasn’t in a good mood about getting up in the dark. Finding socks in the dark. Finding running pants in the dark. Finding the doorknob to get out of my room in the dark.

Plus, this early wake-up time meant I would be running in and out of cul-de-sacs. Lame.

And, guess what? It’s freaking cold in the morning now. That’s how I can tell it’s truly fall. Usually that doesn’t bother me too much, but this morning’s crisp air didn’t smell nice like it should’ve; you know, like wet leaves. Instead, it stunk of diesel and I’m not sure why. I felt like I couldn’t get enough oxygen. It was annoying.

I did just under 3.5 miles, according to Map My Run, in about 44 minutes. That seems slow to me. I feel like I was faster than that. Although, I do remember thinking around mile two, This is dumb. What am I doing?

I also got a side cramp on this run. I haven’t had one of these since my high school running days. At least not one bad enough to really notice. This one caught me by surprise. It came on quick and stabbed me in the lower right rib. I tried putting my arm up over my head, but that made it worse. I had to slow down to a shuffle and hold the throbbing area. And, then, it just faded away.

All that being said, I am glad I got the workout done this morning. Tonight, we are going out for my birthday dinner and to, hopefully, go shoe shopping. Yay!

Day 69: Holla!

Okay, it’s a rest day, so I have absolutely nothing to report. However, the Issaquah Salmon Days 10K is just over a week away. Dude! That totally snuck up on me.

I think there are quite a few of us Puget Sound area peeps running it. Who’s going to be there? Anyone want to meet up? (I can’t help being a Social Sally.)

And….da-daaaaa! I’m going to be 32 on Saturday and guess what I’m getting for my birthday? New. Freakin. Shoes. Hell ya!